What is XOXO Tours? And Why?

Travel + Companion + Networking = XOXO Tours

‘XOXO’ is basically an evocative from a bird’s eye, where ‘O’ stands for Hugs, when the two persons embrace each other and ‘X’ symbolizes Kissing. When we say XOXO, it’s not merely the romantic part, but it symbolizes faith, affection, love and friendship indeed. XOXO can also be depicted such as ‘X’ stands for love (kissing) and ‘O‘ stands for friendship (hugs). And ‘Tour’, we all know that it is an excursion for having pleasure, adventure or thrill. ‘XOXO Tours’ is a perfect blend of both ‘XOXO’ & ‘Tour’.

Travel + Companion + Networking = XOXO Tours 😘

So, XOXO Tours is a perfect name as it helps you to unfold the adventures of your boring trip by connecting you with a wonderful and charming travel partner.

The main idea behind XOXO Tours is to delve into new possibilities of romance, friendship, networking and connecting new people while travelling. Explore the real gist of the place with cool and friendly locals. Now you may catch rich food experiences, local sightseeing and explore local places not alone but with a perfect travel companion. So, Why Travel alone? Unravel your passion for travel and get ready to board the adventures and exciting excursions with XOXO Tours. Let the adventure begins!!!!

XOXO Tours is all set to cast a romantic magical spell to your dull and boring trip. Yes!! Get ready for a super exciting and adventurous trip with a sprinkling of romance and friendship on board with XOXO Tours. XOXO Tours offers a golden chance to travel a new city like a local by connecting you with locals. We help you connect with a new travel buddy or local so as to make your trip more exhilarating. Heartiest welcome to the Official Blog of XOXO Tours!!!!

Why XOXO Tours?

We know travelling alone feels like more lethargic, boring and sometimes a feeling of incompleteness creeps in. XOXO Tours is all set to make your vacation more complete, more interesting and super exciting by connecting you with company of interesting like-minded people.

Not only while travelling, but you may connect with a person travelling to your city and show the insights of your city. You may also team up with the people travelling to the same destination and travel along.

XOXO Tours provides an excellent social networking platform which enable you to meet, connect and socialize with people from all over the world. A wonderful opportunity to find a travel companion, explore an area with the help of a perfect guide/local, may be meet your soul-mate or a person with similar interests. You may eat, shop and even go for a date with your travel buddy.

Reason Behind Need Of A Traveler’s Social Platform

Need of Every Traveler — A Traveler Social Network

There is hardly any person on this earth who doesn’t wish to travel to explore new places, people, new life etc. However, everyone will agree if we say that we plan more & execute less when it comes to travel. The number of cancelled trips are always more than the number of completed trips. Imagine if you never had to cancel any trip you plan. A Traveler’s Social Platform might just help you to do so as you may always find someone on such a platform to travel with. From the exciting Eiffel Tower, Paris to the symbol of love — Taj Mahal, India or from the saintly Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro to the serene beauty of the Islands in Bali, Indonesia; every destination ensures thrilling adventures and actually living in that moment. And now you may find a travel buddy to travel to all such locations.

Some more reasons behind need of a Traveler’s social platform are:

  • Boosts Tourism
  • Affordable
  • New connections
  • Eliminates loneliness
  • More adventures, thrilling and exciting trips

XOXO Tours is all set to impart the swag and become a new trend setter in the travel & tourism sector.

XOXO Tours: Connect & Socialize Via Travelling

To explain that let me first introduce you to the concept of a Traveler’s Social Platform. It allows you to connect & select a co-traveler of your choice from a list of people who might be travelers or locals for a trip you planning to execute sooner or later. You may select based on your own personal preferences some may like a charming companion, or some may get flattened on the wisdom one has to offer with or some may look for a perfect tourist guide or a local to see the actual insights of a city.

Well, some people travel in groups with friends, family, relatives or along with travel groups & some people like to travel solo. However, a solo traveler might not like to travel solo always & he/she might always need a company preferably of a local or guide to explore & experience actual insights of a city. And you may also know or have experience that how many trips planned with friends, family or relatives comes to execution. And obviously choosing to travel with a travel group will going to be a little expensive & you might also not be able to select the itinerary for your travel.

So here a Traveler’s Social Network like ‘XOXO Tours’ may just help you to connect with like-minded people who may or may not be travelling to the city or place you are travelling to but are available at the same time in the same city or place who may also be a local or guide.

On the other hand, you may also connect with a person traveling to your city and team up with him/her for local sightseeing, shopping and help him/her to explore your city better. Who knows you may end up getting a wonderful travel buddy for almost all your future trips. After all no one would mind to be friends with a like-minded person, one who enjoys travel as much as you.

So, “Why Travel Alone?”. Gear up and get ready to step in your dream destination with a beautiful travel companion and make your vacation an unforgettable one with ‘XOXO Tours’!!!