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Find Your Ultimate Travel Buddy With XOXO Tours!!

Making friends is the best thing that one does in his or her lifetime, actually we make friends throughout our lives. At every stage we keep on adding friends and some are left behind in the hassled lifestyle. We make friends in the schools, colleges, neighbourhood, office or either of the social groups or gatherings. But, how about the idea of making friends while you are travelling. Yes! now you can make buddies while travelling and thanks to XOXO Tours for this.

If you are travelling with a companion or you have your travel group then you don’t require anybody else but it becomes essential when you are a solo traveller. Now you may say who travels alone? Let us have two situations, though there could be more such situations but right now let’s talk about only these two situations:

Situation 1: You have planned a vacation and your friends are occupied with some work at the eleventh hour so they have to cancel the trip, now what will be your call? Will you cancel your trip or go alone.

Situation 2: You are on an official trip and your work gets over early or/and you have some time to look around the place.

In the first situation you can either cancel the trip or postpone it till your friends become available on a next date. And in second situation either you will decide to go & have a look of the city and spend some solo time.

The biggest awkwardness is how to travel alone. We think travelling alone is the most boring task and we go on excursions for fun so we always drop the idea of going alone. Now you need not to go alone for travelling especially when you are travelling with XOXO Tours. As they provide you with an opportunity to explore the world through the way of socialising and connecting with new people. Now whenever you travel with XOXO Tours you may have a companion with you so you may enjoy your trip. They provide you an opportunity to connect with people having similar interests so the trip becomes more pleasurable & adventurous.

One may make full advantage of this but also has to be careful at the same time, as the world is not good all the time. And if you are a solo female and want to travel with other female members only, you may chose to do so with XOXO Tours as well. So one may also join a girl’s gang and may travel with them without worries.

So the next time when you plan a trip solo, make a travel buddy with XOXO Tours and experience the trip in such a way that its memories last long.

What You Seek Is Seeking You

“What You Seek Is Seeking You” — Rumi

What a philosophical quote by Rumi, “What You Seek is Seeking You!”. It means when you want or need something, the energy flows in a way to fulfill your desires. As the need for which you are looking is also looking for you. This is as simple as, “If you are seeking happiness, the happiness is seeking you.”

Make Connections!!

XOXO is one such platform which helps two travel enthusiasts meet each other to create memories, travel, date and have fun together. So basically XOXO is looking for such people who loves to travel and would love a like minded person to join him/her while travelling. Same way travel enthusiasts, who travel solo but would love if a like minded person could join them on their trip, are looking for a solution (here it a social networking platform called XOXO Tours) that helps them to travel with a companion.

This app will help you connect with one like minded person who might be a travel enthusiast like you to go on fun, adventurous and knowledgeable trip together. Which proves the saying, “what you seek is seeking you”.

Tale of Travel Enthusiasts!!

We are living in world where many people love to travel these days. Some like to travel with friends, some with family, some people travel solo. However, there are many travel enthusiasts who wants to travel a lot but hate to travel solo and might not be having a right person with the same psyche in their friends or relatives circle. How exciting it can be for them if they are able to connect with a travel companion with whom they can explore many places where they always wanted to go.

There are people who would love a charming companion, or may be an intellectual one or a guide on their trip to explore a place better and create life longing memories. Be it, Taj Mahal, Char Minar or Bora-bora, one always want to enjoy like a pro with a companion. And such people being like minded are actually looking for each other. So XOXO Tours here helps both of them connect with what they both are seeking.

Travel to Lead a Happier Life

The world is too huge to travel in a lifetime and you might don’t want to do that solo. XOXO Tours helps you to create your own itinerary with a travel companion who may help you feel the real insight about a different city or place you are travelling to.

Friendship, romance, and networking, all might be possible with XOXO Tours. Travelling works as a catalyst in making your life happier and rejuvenated.

Find A Local To Enjoy A City Like A Local

Find A Local With XOXO Tours To Explore A City Like a Local!

Travelling has always been a recreational experience for all of us. Let us make this experience more exciting and joyful by finding a fun-loving buddy, who may be a local to a place you are visiting, to tag along. It not only gives you experience and good memories, but you tend to learn new cultures and gain something worthwhile. No matter you have or not got a happening group of friends, but making a plan execute is no less than clearing an examination with an “A” Grade.

Each one of us gets excited even with the conversation of planning a trip, guess how exciting it can turn if you have a local whom you have never met and with whom you travel along, & that this person may woo you and make your trip more exciting & adventurous. XOXO Tours bring this opportunity to make your trip a lot exciting and pleasurable. We have a list of reasons why this is one of the best ideas one can think.

No Backing Out

If you have friends, you surely make plans and probably only one out of ten plans turn into reality. This may annoy you to the core. But, you don’t have to worry about having a partner now because you easily get a partner for your next tour & that too may be a local.

Better Exploration

XOXO Tours is assist people who want to explore places and do not want to travel alone. If you have a partner along, you will find that the thrill, adventure and exploration, everything has just doubled. It gives you an opportunity to explore more about a city, be it history, culture, food or places, as now you have a local who can guide you better with the personal experiences.

Thrill and Adventure Looking for You

Well, would this not be super thrilling if you choose a travel companion who is completely unknown to you. This means you know nothing about each other, at least not more than you may have share with each other on chat. Thrill and adventure aren’t limited to paragliding, skydiving or white river rafting, an unknown partner can supersede this adventure.

Wonderful Travel Buddy

There are a less number of people who love to travel alone. There can be nothing better than finding a wonderful travel buddy with whom you feel home, you feel friends as you both have same passion for travelling. Your partner can turn out to be a great wanderer, who loves to explore the best and enjoys smallest of happiness.

Better Itinerary

An itinerary planned as per suggestion of your travel buddy who is local to the place you visiting will be much better than the one you could have made according to information you find over the internet or at a travel agency as you could add those deep insights of the city which only a local knows about in your itinerary.


The trip turns out to be inexpensive if two people share the expenses. So thrill, adventure, and money, all are in place. Also, be your own planner and customise as per your convenience.

There are numerous places in this world that are craving to be explored by you.

What are you looking for when you have a beautiful companion along with whom you can create some great experiences and make the trip more electrifying? Visit XOXO Tours now!