Plan Your Long Weekend Break With Like Minded Strangers!

Find Your True Travel Buddy With XOXO Tours!!

Excited for the upcoming long weekend break and want to relish every single moment of it to get some peace of mind before getting back to work. There are several things to consider like destination but I believe you must already be having some options in mind for it, with whom you want to go as solo travel might not be so exciting, also affordability and many such other things.

However if you are kind of a person who loves to travel, but your friends are not so enthusiastic about travel as compared to you or they are busy, traveller’s social networking apps like XOXO Tours might just help you to connect with travel buddies or travel companions from any part of the world to travel with.

With XOXO Tours you can connect with like-minded people who are as enthusiastic about travel as you. You may chat with them through the app, know more about each other’s comment interests related to travel like the places one wants to travel and make travel plans accordingly.

How XOXO Tours makes travelling more exciting?

  • For a travel enthusiast to travel with a like minded person is already pretty exciting. Different and new experience could be for one to make a friend just to travel with and executing such trip/s may give one some wonderful time and memorable memories too.
  • You not only get to travel with a person and create an experience but also to know a new person who might be from a different region/state/city. This could help you to know more about people, culture, food etc of a different place.
  • The last thing which you can benefit from use of such apps is you get to share everything which is not limited to experience and culture but also your travel bills & other expenses while travelling. Which might reduce your total expenses by around 20% while travelling.

How to connect with your travel companion whom you met on XOXO Tours?

  • Be humorous with him/her. Laugh or smile and make the other person smile/laugh with you.
  • This point is very important. Keep the conversation going because dead air can really make you and your travel partner uncomfortable.
  • You may share about past travel stories or experiences as he/she might really be interested in knowing about it.
  • Be a good travel companion yourself to make the other person be good with you. Be sweet, real and true to yourself.
  • You got two ears and one mouth which means ‘Be a good listener’.

Always remember if you are looking forward to a Solo journey, ‘Good company in a journey makes the way exciting’. A good company while travelling will bring joy to everything you do and will make your vacation, a lifetime memory to relish.

So the next time when you plan a trip, make a travel buddy with XOXO Tours and experience the trip in such a way that its memories last long.