The Ultimate Guide To Make A Weekend Getaway Special

Follow These Tips To Make Your Weekend Getaway Special — Don’t Go Solo!!

So a long weekend is coming and you want to make it special as you really need an off from work and your daily routine. Now people are obsessed to use an app for everything even while making a 2–4 days short weekend getaway. Travel enthusiasts visits various travel websites like makemytrip, trivago etc. or apps like XOXO Tours that gives an opportunity to find a travel buddy. As it is always better to amidst stunning landscapes with a travel companion.

Weekend getaways are meant for relaxing and unplugging, and if one has a travel companion along with, it might be adventurous and exciting too. So here are few tips that might help to make a weekend getaway more special:

Visit Where You Have Never Been Before

Stop going again and again to those favourite places! Step out of your comfort zone and visit the place you have never been to. Select your travel partner as per your travel destination and travel dates and put yourself in a state where everything is new. Not knowing where to go, what to eat, where to eat, where to explore, can really put you both at your edges and this is the time when you come to know more about each other. This not only adds to the excitement but will also arouse the feeling of togetherness as you and your travel companion will figure out the things together. The perfect getaway may not take you far from home but you can choose a place that you have never visited before.

Carry Some Snacks Or Food

Not knowing your newly become friend’s eating style, habits, likes and dislikes will help you to break the ice on this topic as well. You both may have a same or different taste. Enjoy each other’s favourite meals and have stories to share.

Walk Less Talk More

If you have a compatible partner with you, you can limit your transportation time as you will prefer more time chilling and chatting with each other. This way, you will be able to know him/her more. You can have more time to talk and share different things and the best thing is you can have eye-to-eye look at each other.

Take A Long Weekend Break

Take a long escape from your daily monotonous life, so that you can relax and unplug. It is wonderful to see other travellers heading home and knowing that you still have more days to enjoy. But enjoying your relaxing days with your travel partner from XOXO Tours would deem unforgettable.

Keep Your Luggage Light

Minimise your belongings as much as possible to avoid stress and hassle. Just stay stylish while travelling and pack only the needy things.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

A room with a view is just like an ice cream with a cherry on its top. No matter if you both are staying in the same room or separate rooms, try to find a room with a view. It will not only relax and boosts up your mind but will also help you and your travel companion to feel good about your new destination.

Put Phone On Air Plane Mode

Make sure you’re really getting away from your workload and responsibilities by putting your phone on air plane mode. Spend a quality time with your travel mate so that he/she doesn’t feel neglected.

Get a Travel buddy with XOXO

Last but not the least, the best way to make your weekend getaway more special is by choosing your companion from XOXO Tours. This will not only make your trip more enjoyable but there are chances that you may find a friend forever or a life partner as well. Bring the freak out of you and travel with your partner, click pictures, try different together and make your weakened worth.

So this is short guide to make a weekend getaway more special. So what are you waiting for? Get out of the house. Get out of the city/country. Use some of these tips and enjoy your trip with no regrets.

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Alternative Ideas For Your Next Adventure Trip!

8 Alternative Ideas For Your Next Adventure Trip!!

If you are little tired of your typical villa with dive pool type break and that too without any company, then you are at the right place. We give you a more meaningful way to spend your time.

Getting along with someone that you don’t even know at all can be a challenging experiment as well. It helps to cope with the inevitable challenges and uncertainties as things are never planned and you hardly know about each other’s interests. The tantalizing idea of boldly going with someone you have never met will surely guarantee your fill.

Ideas for your next exploratory trip-

1.Pack your home onto your back — Taking a tent along with you, stove, sleeping bag etc. can make you fully prepared for any kind of adventure that comes your way. Make sure you and your companion enjoy at least one night beneath the stars. This will strengthen your bond and will help you to know each other better.

2.Discover a new destination — Spark the exploring power in you, expand your mind and horizons, and bring the joy to your spirit. Do more of outdoor activities like trekking, rafting, boating, paragliding etc. to ignite that spark between you and your travel companion.

3.Mind full of Activities –Start with picking up the Do’s for your trip and then accomplishes your adventure list with your travel buddy. Bring the fun and adventure out of every activity you do together.

4.Visit extreme location- Getting out of your comfortable is not that easy but it’s always fun to do things that you have been seeing in those travel movies. The best way to get the best out of your trip is by exploring the extreme places like mountain peaks with rickety steps, best night club or some other hidden place in the city. Getting out of your comfort zones can really do the things in your favour.

5.Get inspiration from the movies– Backpacking Movies like Under the Tuscan Sun, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Lost in Translation etc. can really pump you to travel the world. Get inspiration from these movies before your journey and write on your own memories.

6.Blend in with the new place, people, culture etc. — Don’t just try to smooth your travel only but remember the comfort zone of your travel companion as well. Remember the act of travelling as a whole. Moreover, keep in mind the place where you are may have or may not have some certain hands for certain things. Respect their culture and locals will improve the joy of travelling as a whole.

7.Unorthodox transportation will help- Sounds Weird? But it’s actually fun! Travelling and exploring different big and small place through shuttles or local bus could be a fun. It gives you chance to meet new people and also you can save a lot on your travel. It will surely be an eye-opening experience.

8.Don’t go solo– No doubt, the solo travel is becoming popular these days but it’s not as tempting as travelling with a travel companion with whom you get discover a lot about life, yourself, people etc. Travel Networking Apps like XOXO Tours offers you incentive to connect with new people, all with exciting ideas. Once you start your travel saga, you will surely feel how travelling with strangers can be a key to an adventure.

There are endless Ideas for adventure travel. You can Swim with killer whales, explore the mountain chains, travel across desert plains and over rocky quartzite ridge tops, you can Bike, hike, and do a lot more.

Even if you are sitting in a restaurant, that too can be adventurous if you are enjoying every single bite of your meal. It’s just a state of mind!

So what are you waiting for. Plan your next adventure with XOXO Tours. 😘

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel Solo!

Find A Travel Buddy With XOXO Tours!!

When a person goes out for exploring different places, he/she usually come out of his/her comfort zone to experience various things that he/she might not encounter in his/her daily routine.

So why to travel solo?

Though solo travel has become quite popular in last few years, yet there is nothing wrong in connecting with other new like-minded people. If a basic conversation with an unknown passenger while travelling in a bus can give you so many things to learn or know, travelling with a person might make your trips so much better!

We give you the reasons for not travelling solo!

1. Solo Travel Is Less Fun
Undoubtedly, one third of world’s population is of introverts and it becomes really awkward for them to travel solo. Traveling along a partner can really save you from those awkward situations. Furthermore, you can come to know many new things, your strengths, weaknesses and much more. Your journey will result in a blast that you won’t be able to experience if you travel alone.

2. Solo Travel Might Make One Feel Lonely
It’s sometimes weird to stop by a waterfall or scenic spot with nobody with you to share the beauty or to click pictures and to have fun etc. which may feel you like a Paradox. Whereas travelling with a partner will never make you feel bored. So it’s up to you, whether, you want to become socially active or want to stay alone. And the worst thing is that you have to ask strangers to click your photo while you stand alone with a weird pose.

3. Communication Gap
Travelling solo to a new place can really put you in trouble as you may encounter with a language barrier or so. But if you are travelling with a partner, you can easily limit this communication gap and can easily cope up with the awkward Solo Travel Situations.

4. Solo Travel Is Dangerous
Solo traveling is a bit riskier and unsafe as accidents, theft or anything can happen on the way. When you travel alone, you become an easy target for thefts and robberies as well as you won’t have a buddy to fall back on. By traveling with your travel partners, you can keep each other safe and responsible.

5. Solo Travel Is Expensive
Travelling by yourself, can make things look expensive. Finding a partner to share your taxi rides, bills, hotel room costs etc. can save you from getting penalised for being alone.

6. Meet New People With XOXO Tours
These travel dating apps like XOXO Tours are not meant just for dating while traveling, it’s about meeting new people while traveling, sharing your bills and memories and much more. SO it’s up to you and your compatibility that whether you want to be friends or much more than that. There is nothing wrong in forging lifelong bonds with people who will accept you the way you are. XOXO Tours give you a travel buddy, and friend, a lover that will change your normal solo trip into adventure trip that you will evoke on in years to come. Don’t regret afterward for not having a friend to have fun with.

So here are 7 out of the lot many reasons for not travelling solo. The influx of single pioneers has inspired us to create an app like XOXO Tours to embolden the concept of socialising with other travel enthusiasts while travelling.

With XOXO Tours, finding a prospective travel buddy has become easier. 😘