Hot Destinations For Solo Travellers to Visit This New Year 2018

Date a Buddy With XOXO Tours At These Hot Destinations!

So once again New Year is on its way and you are excited & confused with your New Year plans. Everyone wants to start a New Year on a good note that lasts in your memories for the whole next year. Ah! The crux is that you should chuck everything else and plan a solo trip to find your inner self, be more social and experience a new you.

Here are some hot destinations to visit this New Year 2018 on a solo trip and don’t forget to find yourself a date with XOXO Tours, just to keep the game more exciting:


Paris is indeed one of the best places one can escape to on New Year. What will amaze you about being here is that the streets will all be embellished with lights, and you will see plenty of people with a bottle of champagne celebrating this occasion. Join them and enjoy!


Sydney welcomes you with open wide arms. What you can do here is that you can enjoy a lot at Sydney Harbour where you will love the fireworks at midnight. Join the party and dance to the beats, there is a lot to explore.

New York City

The beautiful markets will lure you, the only challenge that you may see is that the city is extravagantly expensive. However, it will be real fun to be there for this New Year 2018.

San Diego

The weather there is phenomenal to be there on a New Year. Enjoy solo, grab champagne and go out to party. You will find good restaurants and party places to enjoy at this New Year’s Eve here.


Hit an Irish Pub and love the people around, probably you may find a friend on XOXO Tours who may make the evening a better one. You will never regret being here as festivity is all around in the Irish environment.


Travel solo in Barcelona and find a better version of you, hit a beach and party hard. Go out in evening and visit a Spanish restaurant to enjoy a new cuisine.


Once you travel to Phuket, you definitely won’t feel lonely at all there. Rather, you will find some really friendly locals to have a good chit-chat and may be travel around.


Visit the Sri Lanka’s capital this new year and enjoy a colourful party to welcome 2018. You will definitely love to shop at this destination and you may get a travel buddy to join you with XOXO Tours.


This vibrant and colourful city of Denmark is a beautiful destination to travel solo. If you love riding a bicycle, you will surely love being here as there are cycle paths everywhere. The culture, places, and nightlife here are great to experience.

Now pack the necessities and hit the place you are craving to travel this New Year.

With XOXO Tours you may get an opportunity to celebrate this New Year with a like minded new friend to make your trip more exciting and pleasurable.

Top 10 Cities in India for Solo Travellers

Must Visit Cities in India!!

As a single or a solo traveller, what do you want to experience when you think of visiting a new country- the people, the food or the capital city of the country? Well, the choice varies from traveller to traveller and so for a solo traveller. Why even take the pain to travel alone when XOXO Tours has so many options for you to find a great companion.

You start solo and we can get you a companion at your destination/s — like minded people to spend time with. The biggest advantage could be that they are already aware about the place as they might be a local which will save a lot of time and effort and makes the vacation more pleasant one!

Here are the top 10 cities in India that are best for solo travellers:

1.New Delhi: Why not visit the capital of the country when you land there? The hustle in the city will make you forget that you are a solo traveller. That too when you get a glimpse of history, food, culture and modernisation-all at one place. It is like a teaser to the country tour. From forts to temples and malls, from exotic cuisines to the authentic Indian and Mughlai cuisine at Old Delhi, Delhi is must visit city when you are in India.

2.Jaipur: Always exuding vibrance from its culture, Jaipur is a great destination to see the cultural richness and geographical diversity of India. The desert tour, camel rides, folk dances and art work will leave you mesmerised. Imagine getting a companion from XOXO Tours who will be able to guide and accompany you to the best of these experiences!

3.Bhopal: The heart of India — Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is historically very rich! XOXO Tours has many hosts who can make you experience the state from a totally different perspective. Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is called the city of lakes which is a must visit.

4.Guwahati: North East is the most underrated and unexplored part of India. This is the factor that has saved its virgin beauty for those who are fortunate to know about the places here. You are going to learn most from the company you may find at XOXO Tours for here. Guwahati is a lush green city with amazing weather throughout the year and a very different culture from the rest of the world.

5.Lucknow: One of the oldest city and the crudest of population are what you are going to experience in Lucknow, UP (UP, the most populated state of the country). Though you might hardly need a company here as a solo traveller, you get to see the real India at City of Nawabs (Lucknow).

6.Amritsar: Who in world doesn’t know about the valour and splendour of Punjabis! Come to Amritsar and experience the richest and most deeply rooted culture of the country. Famous for extreme warmth and hospitality, Amritsar is the land of famous historical kings and incidents. The yellow mustard fields and invigorating lassi will take you to a different state of mind altogether.

7.Kochi: Named as one of the ten paradises of world by the National Geographic Traveller, Kerala (the state in which Kochi lies) is famous for kits backwaters and eco-tourism, mountain ranges and wildlife sanctuaries. It’s a must visit city in Southern India. With XOXO Tours you might get a travel buddy for a great cultural exchange and tour in Kochi.

8.Srinagar: The paradise on earth — Srinagar will leave you bewildered with its natural beauty. Some nearby places or tours like Ladakh, Gulmarg and Jammu are famous country wide for their exhilarating experience. As it is already famous for it’s hospitality, a travel friend from XOXO Tours shall add to the convenience. The peaceful terrains of Srinagar are better not to be explored solo.

9.Mumbai: Mumbai was 2nd most visited city by tourists in 2014. Mumbai is the financial capital and entertainment capital of the country. Other nearby destinations are Aurangabad, Nagpur, Pune, Nashik. Accompany a travel companion from XOXO Tours and double the fun in the city of dreams.

10.Kolkata: Kolkata is capital of West Bengal and is known as the cultural capital of India too. The city of palaces is famous for its highly developed arts, film and theatre. The city is also famous for Royal Bengal Tigers too.

So here is one of finest list to tour India. Choose your city & just go for it. Make your tour memorable with someone to share the fine memories with you and yet keep intact the feeling of going solo — XOXO Tours is happy to help you.

Travel Plans for Singles to Enjoy This Christmas — XOXO Tours

Travel With XOXO Tours & Make Your Trip A Wonderful Memory!!

Who said being single will not make Christmas a memorable one? Being single, in reality, is fabulous. We say so because people celebrating Christmas might be having one partner to spend their whole time with. But people who are singles are yet to meet that special someone who will fill their heart soul and mind with unbelievable eccentricity. Being single also offers the chance to enjoy life with other singles which wait to taste the flavors of life.

Find below exciting destinations you can travel to this Christmas with a like minded travel partner, go to XOXO Tours to find one. XOXO Tours is a combination of “Travel + Networking + Dating”.

1.Mexico — Yukatan Peninsula

Are you someone interested in history and love the academic aspect of life? Then, Yukatan Peninsula is the best place for you to visit this christmas. Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Yukatan Peninsula has many intriguing wonders and ancient sites. The white sand beaches and never ending party scenes will act as one of the best entertainer to singles relieving them from the clutches of boredom.

2.Peru — Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu, the lost city of Incas will take your breathe out of you making you forget you are a single. Be it the astonishing peaks that belong to Andes or the amazing ruins that lie spread across all over, Machu Pichu will make a great memory for many years to come. If you are a single desiring to fall in love with nature, Machu Pichu can be a dream destination you must try this Christmas.

3.New Zealand — Queenstown

If you are single and thrill seeking, then Queenstown is the place you must venture into this valentine’s week. Known as the adventure capital, singles can witness their heart pop out and get in owing to the unnumbered adventures the place offers. Hiking, Zip lining, Bungee Jumping, Jet boating, Caving and Sky diving are some adventures that will make your life interesting. You are no more a single when it is Queensland since it is one of the most adventurous place.

4.Canada — Newfoundland

Newfoundland in Canada is one of the best destinations for singles who has a flair for nightlife coastal scenes. Wild and rugged by looks, the Icebergs, Whales and Sea birds act as your perfect Christmas. The loud nights and tourist filled destinations will never allow you to feel you are single but make you feel happy for being one.

5.Africa — Kenya

If you are a single who thoroughly enjoy wilderness, then Kenya is one destination that you must not miss this Christmas. The eco system prevalent in Kenya that is highly diversified in nature and the mind boggling wildlife will make you feel totally surrounded. The rugged paths and animal trails are sure to give you good company making your Christmas a remarkable one.

6.United States — Oahu

If you are the one who loves the thrilling sea shore experiences, try out Oahu in the United States this Christmas. The many Hawaiian islands around Oahu and ship wreck spots will provide you the company of immemorial time periods. Get to meet people from various countries. If you are lucky, you may find a perfect travel dating partner this Christmas’s eve.

7.Europe — Iceland

Iceland, the Nordic island country is one of the best destination for a single in the world for many reasons. You can experience the best of natural wonders in Iceland both as a single or with a travel buddy. The abundantly spread hot springs and the snowfall that makes you look like an ice doll will erase your single status from your memories for long.

8.United States — New York

If you are a single who enjoy the hustle bustle that city life offers, New York is your destination. Termed as one of the best places for travel dating, you will completely get immersed in the bars and night clubs. New York can become more interesting during Christmas when a bubbly travel partner joins you depriving you of your single status.

9.Oregon — Portland

If you are single and looking for a destination that will allow you to do all that you want to do, then it is Portland. Go in for tax free shopping, the wild green gardens and parks, spectator sports and nightlife as a single or with your travel partner. The farm-to-fork dining which is one of its kinds in the world will help you enjoy life to the maximum extent.

10.United States — Savannah

Savannah which is one of historic coastal city in Georgia offers amusing experience to Singles particularly during the Christmas month. The cobblestoned waterfront surrounding Savannah makes it a perfect destination for a single or for travel dating. Make the best use of a Christmas month forgetting your single status by travelling to Savannah, the quiet heaven on Earth.

11.Puerto Rico — San Juan

San Juan and Old San Juan act as unique destinations in pleasant tropical climatic conditions. The fine beaches and ever active casino make San Juan the best destination for singles to enjoy a perfect Christmas week. Venture into the many novelties that San Juan offers during Christmas time celebrations and fill your life with exciting memories.

Get in touch with XOXO Tours to fill your trip with a travel companion. Celebrate your Christmas by doing all that you desire to do. Use the above place options along with XOXO Tours to fall in love.

So don’t wait and visit XOXO Tours now and connect with a like minded travel buddy to make this Christmas an unforgettable one.