Tips When Travelling to Dubai

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Are you planning a trip to Dubai? It is a place which attracts tourists from places all around the globe and can be a place worth visiting. If you are single and planning to visit Dubai, you can knock to XOXO Tours web app now to find a travel buddy. So it is now time to pack your bags and head on for an unforgettable tour but makes sure that you abide by the rules and restrictions of this place to be safe during your trip.

Here are some tips that you need to follow when you visit this beautiful city:


October to April is the best time when you can travel to this exquisite city. This city enjoys winter during these months and gives perfect weather to comfort the tourists visiting this place in these months. The blue skies and beach like weather can give you and your travel buddy a lifetime experience.

Don’t go solo

Though Dubai is a safe place for women tourists, but it advisable to don’t go solo for a woman traveller and to have someone along with you to share your travel experience. Dubai would be a lot more fun to travel along with a new buddy.

Document your experience

Click pics with your new buddy and with the locals of the place, but seek their permission before clicking the photographs. Do remember that you may avoid clicking pictures at places such as airports, military buildings, etc. in order to avoid calling trouble for yourself.

Show respect during religious festivals and days

If you are visiting this place during Ramadan, then make sure that you respect the countrymen for their fasting practice and do not drink, eat, or smoke in public places.

Restrictions on alcohol consumption

Though alcohol is legal in Dubai, but still, it has restrictions to drink in public place. When you this place, make sure that you adhere to the rules and restrictions of the city and do not drink and drive in the town as it may cause serious trouble for you.

Book hotel in advance

Book your hotel in advance to avoid the last minute chaos and to get some good discount. A 2 to 3 months advance booking can help you get upto 50% discount on hotel booking. Dubai is one of the main attraction for world tourists and so it will be better to book a hotel well in advance for travelling with your travel buddy.

Now you have the tips, get ready and pack your bags to head on for a memorable and unforgettable trip with your all new travel buddy. Visit XOXO Tours now!

Enjoy this EPL Season With Another Fellow Fan — Use XOXO Tours

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If you are big football fan, you’ve got to attend the EPL at least once in your lifetime. You might like to do it more than once though, if you get a taste of it once. EPL Season is going on full swing. If you are a die-hard football fan, you must plan your trip for a few live matches. The EPL (English Premier League or Barclays Premier League) is most prestigious of the English Football League System.

Quick Tips on Travelling to England and the EPL

Are you sulking because none of your friends are ready to accompany you to the EPL? Hey, cheer up because we’ve got a solution to your heartbreaking dilemma. XOXO Tours will help you to find a crazy football fanatic who is just as much passionate about travel.

Getting to England, if you travel smart, is not as expensive anymore (If you want a few tips about booking the cheapest airline, read up on our related articles). The cheapest time to travel to England is during October to March which is exactly the time that the EPL chants are ringing in the England air. Book your tickets well ahead of time to avail some scrumptious deals on airfare as well as for your stay in England.

Getting around in England is quite easy with the Underground and the efficient train system. Every EPL city is, at maximum, three and a half hours away from London if you take the train. You can also rent a car and explore the English countryside with your travel buddy in addition to enjoying the EPL matches. As for the tickets, the best way to get a hold on them is by signing up a team’s membership.

Let XOXO Tours rescue your lonely heart

Your next concern would be to team up with another EPL fan who is not just restricted to the football matches but also enthusiastic about exploring the place while there. XOXO Tours is a social platform for people with who all have two basic things in common i.e., the love for travel and second, they are all looking for someone to travel with. You can chat with like-minded travellers and get to know them before you decide to plan a trip with them. So join us here at XOXO Tours and you might just find a zealous traveller who is also a die-hard football fan looking forward to get crazy in the EPL stadiums. Obviously, nobody wants to feel lost and alone at the games. So do pair up with a good travel date to enjoy the EPL with.

Don’t miss these little bits and bobs!

And, hey, don’t miss out on the festivities before and after the game. Unwind with a few pints before the game and soak in some of the local ‘football’ conversation. Do make sure to reach about an hour and a half prior to the kickoff of the match. Put up your flags for the team you are supporting, as it goes in the English tradition. Chant and cheer the local Club’s song and just have a lot of fun.

Hurry, find a charming travel buddy and fly away. Breathe in the English air sweet with the EPL chants!

Go on a Rhapsodical Rookie Travel With XOXO Tours

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One is most of the times either of the two below mentioned persons:

  • Traveller
  • Wannabe Traveller

In both the situations, one common fact that prevails is want of travelling. However the second one is not able to fulfill his or her travel wishes, the reasons for which could be numerous. But this isn’t the end as we have a solution for you. You may go solo and find a local to travel together or a traveller travelling to your destination with the help of XOXO Tours. Yes! It is possible. XOXO Tours is social networking web app especially designed and developed to connect travel enthusiasts (travellers or wannabe travellers) with each other to travel date or travel together.

Now learn how you can make your trip rhapsodic:

Say ‘Yes’ to mountains and beaches

There is always an inclination point for everyone, be it mountains or beaches make sure that when you are travelling, you enjoy every breeze of it. If you are a rookie, enjoy the fact that you will get a lot to explore. Life is all about experiences. XOXO Tours get you an opportunity to club you with a beautiful travel partner to make the journey even more interesting.

Nature is what makes all enthusiastic

Everyone is crazy about traveling and nature is truly a bliss. The kind of inclination people have for nature is incomparable. So, one may explore nature by enjoying every bit of it.

Make a list of the favourite places

There are some favourite dream destinations you have always dreamt of going to. This is high time that you execute those plans and make it rhapsodical by travelling with XOXO Tours. Probably you will end up having that perfect travel buddy you have been looking for.

Adventure is seeking you

While you are making those perfect travel plans, you aren’t even aware of the number of adventures seeking you. Yes, make this trip adventurous by planning something extraordinary for yourself. Also, being on a travel date is no less than an adventure.

Make a list of essentials and do not forget them

If you are a “not-so-frequent traveller”, make sure to have a list of the essentials you should carry while you are on a trip. Be it summers, or winters, essentials are to be prioritised for all. Essential clothes, shades to always look trendy, and other on-the-go things should be kept in handy.

Be open to people

It is said that you meet the best people and make best friends while being on a travel. Having a pleasing personality is having an “icing to the cake”. There can be nothing better than that if people often become your friends. However, being a new traveller will help you enjoy more.

Get a super exciting travel date with a perfect stranger with the help of XOXO Tours and start travelling.

Travelers, Time to Rejoice — XOXO Tours to Launch a Social Network to Connect Travelers Worldwide

NEW DELHI, February 8, 2018

Logo & Web App Link

XOXO Tours announces the launch of an exclusive Travel Dating web app, for the passionate and the adventure hunters.

If you are a young blood and happen to be single, then you must’ve heard about Tinder or similar online dating apps, or might even be a premium member there, sitting behind the screen trying to find a date!

Well, sometimes it might get a little depressing sitting in a closed room swiping right or left. Just when you thought online dating was getting boring, there happens to be something that might regenerate that spirit and force you to go out on vacation.

XOXO Tours is just the right ingredient that could spice things up in your world! With XOXO Tours you get to meet people all across the globe (no questions asked!) who have similar travel interests, and plan your vacation on the go. Who thought there could be a thing like Travel Dating…Cool right?

Often it happens that, we have a friends group that happen to be very exciting and thrilling, but when it comes to interests, you stand out alone. XOXO Tours’ social networking app for travelers is the solution to that problem. It connects you to a travel buddy from all across the globe, someone who understands your wanderlust and craves the same thrills you do. With XOXO Tours, you step into a world of travel enthusiasts with whom you may chat, connect and share memories together.

Let’s Hear it from the Founder

XOXO Tours is founded by Kishore Beniwal, a die-hard entrepreneur, who after starting a successful job portal, exclusively for blue/grey collared employees has forayed into an app for social networking travel enthusiasts all around the world.

“‘XOXO’ is basically an evocative from a bird’s eye, where ‘O’ stands for Hugs, when the two persons embrace each other and ‘X’ symbolizes Kissing, as often used in terms of emojis. The young generation uses it massively to express love, faith, affection and friendship. And ‘Tour’, as we know is an excursion for having pleasure, adventure or thrill. ‘XOXO Tours’ is a perfect blend of both ‘XOXO’ & ‘Tour’.”

Travel + Networking + Dating = XOXO Tours

Amazing equation! XOXO Tours even provides a unique way to hang out with a local, give your trip a better ‘desi’ (indigenous) taste. A city or country is very different when you see it from the eyes of a local, the beauty in tiny details is often overlooked otherwise.

In real life, people backing out is one of the most common reasons for cancelled trips. But with XOXO Tours, you may connect with people with similar interests, especially who are travelers & may love to join you for your trip. Conversations and Travel are the two things that may make two people become friends with each other in no-time & XOXO Tours will help you to find people with similar interests when it comes to travelling” Kishore said.

Finding a travel companion is very easy with XOXO Tours. One can simply sign-up with your Facebook account and you’re the player.

Home Page Preview

The app and all of its features are absolutely free for female users. For male users, basic features would be available for free (for 30 days as a trial) till he upgrades his account to a premium user to avail more features of the app.

Could ‘Travel Dating’ Become One of the Biggest Trend in 2018?

The answer to that is ‘Yes!’

With prices of airline tickets going cheaper, traveling and exploring new places, people, culture, cuisines, etc. has become an inevitable hobby for many. Since the present generation now prefers dating through apps which gives an idea of connecting two like-minded travel enthusiasts who may be interested to date each other & travel together.

“Solo traveling has become a hot trend these days, and XOXO Tours offers an opportunity to connect with a travel companion from anywhere in the world to make their tour more exciting and pleasurable.”

If you are a travel enthusiast and ever said to yourself that you would have done this trip only if you had someone to join you, now is your chance.

And hey, the app is even Ads free. Go out there and live your dream.

Visit Our Website >

About XOXO Tours

XOXO Tours is the new generation travel dating app that combines the thrills of travel and dating in a dedicated app that aims at providing a seamless experience to its users. The app is free to use for females, while offers a very nominal subscription fee for male users. XOXO Tours is registered under XOXO Tours LLC based in Delaware USA with development office in New Delhi, India.

Media Contact:
Pulkit Goel

+91–92 1879 1879

How to Find True Love With Travel Dating

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We understand the fact that one always need a partner who stays by your side in your ups and downs. And there is a high probability that you are a travel buff. The new concept of travel dating is a lot more enticing than solo travel. So find yourself a travel buddy with XOXO Tours. But wait can your travel buddy be more than that? If yes, how? Lets figure out:

Did it Click?

The foremost thing that matters is the person you are seeing should click to you, right at the first moment. You should feel those vibes at the first sight that gets you butterflies in the stomach.

Do You Share the Same Amount of Craziness?

Everyone is crazy a bit (what I mean is that every now & then everyone likes to behave young & raw) and that level of craziness comes out only with right companion. If you can tune well here, he/she might be the right one. There can be nothing better than trying to find love on a travel date because this is the time you can have vigilance on the minutest of the things of the other person. Thanks to XOXO Tours for making it happen in real as the members are really genuine.

More Things to Negotiate

While being on a travel date, you will have a lot of things to talk about. What hotel, which restaurant, which shop, what activity and a lot more. Countless of conversations can spice up your travel date. What other context do you need when you are travelling and you can also judge how much the other person is considerate about your choices, like food, activities etc.

Bonds Form Quickly on Roads

Yes, that’s a true fact that the relationships you make while travelling are formed quickly. Probably because you are looking to curb boredom, feel free and enjoy life. Travel now to get a perfect partner you have been looking for.

Get Lost in the Conversation

Probably you have met a person with whom you would like to go on a travel date, again and again. If you are loving the conversation, time spent, or enjoying his/her odds, congratulations! you have just hit the bull’s eye.

What have you been waiting for? When XOXO Tours is all set for you with a travel junkie to make you feel super awesome in your odds and even happier in your high. You get a variety of options to travel to, just make sure you have chosen a right traveller for you.