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Nothing can count better than an exciting tour to an awesome place with a great companion. Traveling not only gives you memories, but you also get to learn about a new place and offers great life experience/s. So just begin the adventure with a beautiful travel companion, exactly the way you wanted.


XOXO Tours is a social networking web app designed and developed to connect travel enthusiasts (travelers or wannabe travelers) with each other. As travelling has become an inevitable hobby or to-do wish for almost everyone, there are only two types of people left in our world i.e. either travelers or wannabe travelers.

XOXO Tours targets exactly the same type of audience and below mentioned points will tell you how it makes trip/s more exciting for anyone.


Who doesn’t want to be on a date (if you are single), of course everyone wants to. How about if you get to go on a travel date? It will give you more opportunities to explore each other, quality time to spend together and you also get to travel and explore a new place. Find a travel date now with XOXO Tours!

Are you single? Want to go on a beach date or a date on a hill station? Want an adventurous date at a thrilling place? It’s now all possible with XOXO Tours.


“People meet to part and part to meet!”

Someone has so rightly said this as the world is full of people, you will meet many and some of them will become important to you in form of friends or girlfriend etc. But each person keeps on adding to your network. However, XOXO Tours will allow you to network yourself to a world of people who are on the same niche as you i.e. travel. You may chat with them, meet with them, be friends with, or maybe hang out together, and date. XOXO Tours offers you to connect with your new travel buddy, you chat with them to decide whether you guys share the same interests or not. It not only offers you travel with a new buddy, but also you get to explore a new culture, place and people.

So that’s how XOXO Tours becomes a perfect web app to combine traveling, dating, and networking. Yes! It is an innovative way to travel, date or make a new buddy.

So what are you waiting for? Visit XOXO Tours now!

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Budget Friendly Cruises to Take in 2018

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A hole in your pocket but your raving wanderlust won’t let you sit still? Don’t worry we are here to help you out with that.

While plenty low-cost airline carriers are available, most cruises usually can’t be considered budget friendly except a few older vessels in well-established cruise lines like the Royal Caribbean and Carnival. Also, if you are on a tight budget opt for good value for money services instead of swanky luxuries. Luxury is a bonus but at the end of the day, it’s mostly about exploring as many places. Also a good strategy to find a budget cruise line would be to choose the shoulder season- that is, either at the beginning of the cruise season or the end of it. Prices tend to be relatively lower then.

Pair up with XOXO Tours and find a great travel companion to share the delights of your cruise trip. After all, it’s all the more fun with a pal!

Here’s a list of a budget cruise destinations that one can go to in 2018:

Caribbean Cruises: By far, the Caribbean remains the most popular part of the world for cruises. Amazing budget deals are offered by the Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises in the price range of $199-$450. The cruises set off from Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Port Canaveral in Florida and cover Cozumel, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and many more places of sheer beauty.

Alaska Cruises: Marvel in the glistening glaciers, the untouched beauty of wildlife and the national landmarks in Anchorage, Juneau and Ketchikan as you cruise through Alaska. I’m sure you and your travel buddy will eat each other’s ears out admiring the scenic beauty. Budget friendly cruise deals are offered by Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruise and Norwegian Cruise Line with the cheapest in the price range of $550-$700. The cruises take off from Seattle, Vancouver and Whittier.

Bahamas Cruises: You’ll be awestruck by the heavenly beauty of the Bahamas. The cruises set off from some of the most popular ports in Miami, Port Canaveral, Baltimore and New York. Stops include Atlantis Bahamas Resort, Half Moon Cay, Key West and the Grand Bahama Island. Low-cost cruise deals in the price range of $180-$250 are offered by Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

European Cruises: Discover the treasure of ‘Old Europe’ as you cruise through Italy, Spain, France, Greece and many more places sure to take your breath away. European cruises set off from a large number of ports all over the Mediterranean including Venice, Athens, Barcelona and many more. Costa Cruises, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises offer many attractive deals in the range of $60-$400.

Bermuda Cruises: Packed with picturesque beauty and loads of fun, a Bermuda cruise should be a must in any travellers’ bucket list. Organize a little dinner with your travel companion under the stars in the middle of the ocean. Cruises begin at ports in New York, Baltimore, New Jersey and Boston. Amazing deals in the price range of $400-$650 are offered by Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Can barely control your wanderlust now, eh? So, hurry! Plan your trip, get a travel buddy with XOXO Tours and sail away!

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Why South India is a Must Visit for Every Wanderer

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India is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant country with its smooth blend of landscapes ranging from coastlines to hill stations, affluent cultures and exuberant colours. South-India takes this vibrancy up a notch and is a treasure trove for every explorer. Whether you’re searching for adrenaline rushed adventures or a romantic relaxation, South India with all its varied offerings will never disappoint you.

Are you a solo traveller? Join XOXO Tours now to find a travel buddy for your next expedition.

And here’s why you should go for a travel date in South India:

Luscious Landscapes: Palm-studded coastlines stretching thousands of miles, verdant tea plantations of Ooty, rolling hills, lush plains, spice gardens, tropical forests, backwaters, houseboats of Kerala and hill stations of the Western Ghats; all makes South India a paradise for nature lovers. A beautiful blend of gorgeous landscapes will be a soul refreshing sight while spending time with your all new buddy.

Delectable Dining: Giant dosas, uttapam, idlis, sambhar, vada, Hyderabadi biryani, spicy curries and coconut tinted fresh seafood — the culinary melange of the south calls foodie travellers from all over the world. And if you and your travel date are coffee addicts like most of us, this place is a real treat for caffeinated souls.

Hallowed Heritage: You are bound to be left spellbound by the marvellous relics of the age old civilisations that inhabited this land for over two millennia. The sophisticated shrines of Ajanta and Ellora carved out on rocks by the Buddhists, Hindus and Jains; Pallava Sculptures and Chola Temples; Hampi ruins; the mosques, tombs, forts and palaces of the Deccan built by the Muslim dynasties; the 400 year old synagogue and Pondicherry with its beautiful French-influence architecture and culture. Oh, the list can go on.

Epic Architecture: South India is adorned with some exquisitely ornate temples and a perfect destination to enjoy architecture of different civilisations with your travel buddy. The 7th and 8th century temples and shrines of Mahabalipuram are excellent examples of Dravidian architecture and are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kanchipuram is known as the ‘city of thousand temples’. Brihadiswara is India’s tallest temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Even if you aren’t religious, you will definitely get a feel of a great epic movie here and learn some history with your new companion.

Redundant Relaxation: If adventure isn’t the main motive of your vacation and you’re looking for a respite in your off days while travel dating, South India has some of the best spas and relaxing centres to enjoy Yoga and relax with your travel sweetheart.

Can barely contain your wanderlust thrill, right? So what are you waiting for?

Find a travel partner with XOXO Tours, pack your bags and off you fly to the south!

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9 Apps You Must Use While Traveling

Download These Below Apps To Make Your Travel Experience Better!!

Hello there, Globetrotter! Thinking of your next vacation already? Here’s a list of 9 apps that you must download before going on your next trip. And hey, visit XOXO Tours to find yourself a super-fun travel friend and take up the excitement level a notch higher!

1.Hopper: Follow the bunny’s advice and you’ll be saving a great deal on your next flight. Hopper watches and analyses over 15 billion flight prices everyday, predicts the cheapest future rates and alerts you with messages like “We don’t predict a lower price than this. Book ASAP” or “We predict lower price in the future. Keep waiting”.

2.TripIt: TripIt will be your saviour, especially if you’re a messy planner. It is one of best travel planner app. Use TripIt to share your travel plans with your travel buddy to avoid any unwanted confusions.

3.Trivago: Trivago is rated among the “10 best money saving apps” by The Guardian. Search for the best deals and compare hotel prices to save money on your next trip to just about anywhere. Trivago covers over a million hotels, motels and B&Bs in more than 190 countries.

4.XE Currency: It even works offline! It stores the last updated exchange rates so that you can use the currency converter and calculator even when you’ve got no access to the internet (which can be quite usual if you’re traveling).

5.Google Translate: Ah! I don’t even need to tell you how important this app really is. Translate typed-in text for over 103 languages, translate texts in images for over 38 languages and you can also translate offline for about 59 languages. And hey, this can help you big time if you’re planning to woo your foreign travel companion.

6.Tripadvisor: Rated top by so many travelers, your plans are just a tap away from confirmation with TripAdvisor. Find the best lowest airfares, the best deals on hotels, make reservation in popular restaurants and use ‘Near Me Now’ feature. Go through the reviews and ask your queries in the forum to put together a wonderful trip!

7.Loungeuddy: Talk about the pain of long layovers and flight delays! Loungebuddy lets you discover and get access to airport lounges all over the world. You can access lounges for free or with a one-time fee. Refer to reviews and ratings before you pay and walk into a lounge.

8.WiFi Map: Use WiFi Map to hunt all the nearby WiFi locations. You can also pay a few extra bucks and download the entire city WiFi Map to use offline. Discover hotspots, passwords and reviews from the members on this greatest WiFi community.

9.XOXO Tours: A social networking web app for travelers, to connect with a travel buddy with whom you may go a trip or travel date. Don’t go solo, go social.

Download these apps, get a travel buddy on XOXO Tours and go off!

How to Woo Your Travel Companion?

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Travelling is best when you get a companion to accompanying you on your trip. Now you can use XOXO Tours web app to connect with an all new travel friend to take him/her on your next trip. You can experience a rocking trip if you add a travel buddy to it. But wait, you want to impress your travel companion? You see a long term friendship here with him or her.

Here is how you can woo your travel partner and make a lifetime connection:

Nightclub or Night Out — This could a good date idea to break the ice between your travel companion and you. It can lessen the shyness between both of you and it is an amazing idea to experience with someone new and make sure you do it in a city or place which is nice and safe for nightlife. You might have gone to many nightclubs and night outs but a travel date at a nightclub can build memories for a lifetime.

Shop Together — XOXO Tours get you the best travel partners from different walks of life, and their choices and tastes may be different, but this is a universal fact that girls are shopaholics and travel shopping is a top most to-do wish for many people. So shopping together in the best shopping zones of the place you are travelling can be something great that you can do to spend quality time with your travel buddy. By doing so it can help to learn more about your buddy and also you may gel with him or her. You may also help each pick out some nice outfits and hell yeah, go twinning.

Good Listener — To woo anyone, you should be a good listener. You should give him/her the right amount of attention while listening to her opinions, stories, liking, interests etc. If you can remember each and every word your partner says to you, it will really help you to impress him/her. Such kind of quality is a turn on for many people as people are always looking for some extra attention.

Humorous — If you want someone to remember you, love you or like you, being humorous in your conversations is the best quality you can have. A good conversation is incomplete without humour. Other person will develop a certain liking for you, if you are good at humour which also means that he or she would love to spend more and more time with you. Do not try hard and start cracking PJs or make fun of your new buddy, but be natural and instead of jokes, use your brains.

So the next time you plan to travel alone, you can log in to to connect with a travel buddy.

A Free Travel Dating Web App For Nomads —

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For all of you struck with wanderlust, you’ve come to the right place! XOXO Tours is a must visit web app for all you gypsy souls. Experiences and travel moments can sometimes feel so incomplete and hollow when you don’t have someone to cherish them with or share your witty travel observations with. You don’t like to stay at one place and love to explore new places, culture and even people. What if you get to connect with a local to your destination before visiting it? Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

A Traveller’s Social Network

XOXO Tours is a social networking web app exclusively designed and developed for travellers to connect with each other and travel together. It targets a community of zealous travel enthusiasts. The idea is to assist travellers to find like-minded travel buddies and make their trip experience an unforgettable one. We connect to make your trip more exciting and pleasurable.

Nomads know that the true essence of travelling lies in making new friends and exploring new cultures as much as it does in your travel destination.

XOXO Tours helps you connect to like-minded travellers who are also in search for the same thing as you. Here you can find and befriend travellers who may be travelling to the same place as you and also looking for a travel companion.

You can find and form a group of like-minded travellers and travel with them. Find a travel date and fly off to a romantic island vacation that you’ve been planning for so long now.

You can connect with locals at your travel destination who can help you experience the true essence of the place. Or you may just find someone who is travelling to your place and show them around your city.

What can be better than travelling and finding amazing wanderlust-struck friends at the same time?

Why us?

XOXO Tours will help you connect guys and girls who share the same enthusiasm for travelling as you do and also looking for friends. You can chat with them, get to know them and their travel ideologies before you decide to plan a vacation with them. Everything becomes more exciting with the right travel companion. Also it’s a great relief to have someone to count on in a rather unknown place.

So join XOXO Tours now for your next travel expedition. Find a friend or fall in love. Unravel the treasures of the planet together. Tick more places off your bucket list. And you never know, you might just find a travel buddy as crazy as you about travelling and who you would want to share all your future vacations with. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Find a travel buddy, now!