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Travelling is all about pushing your boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring new places and meeting new people. It’s not about simply ticking off tourist attractions from your list. It’s about exploring the place in its true essence, understanding it’s history, culture and lifestyle of people. You cannot be a mere tourist but be a traveler.

Meeting new people is one of the most exciting aspect of being a traveler. You might find friends for life while travelling to a new place. XOXO Tours thrives to make it easier for you to find a travel companion in India who are passionate about travelling as you.

Here are a few things that you need to start doing to travel out of your comfort zone:

  • Travel Solo: Solo travel is a great way to discover yourself. As you get to spend alone time in a new place, interact with strangers, face problems own your own which are quite inevitable while travelling especially solo etc. could all lead to developing a new personality for you as well as help you to discover yourself. If you haven’t been on a solo trip yet, now is the time. Visit XOXO Tours to accompany a local on your trip.
  • Meet Strangers and make new friends: XOXO Tours is a social platform for chat and meet with strangers who are like minded and have the same amount of passion for travelling as you. They can also be a local or tour guide to a place you are going to visit. Create new friendship stories together and explore a city as a local with them. Get a travel buddy in India on our web app to make your trip even more exciting.

  • Take the less travelled road: Don’t restrict yourself to the limelight cities. There’s so much more to this world than New York and Paris. The globe is full of breathtaking places that are still left undiscovered. Think of the hard-to-reach places. And wherever you go, always try to live like locals. Try their traditional food. Interact with locals. Try the Mom & Pop shops. The greatest pleasures lie down the road less travelled by.
  • Overcome your Fears: Are you scared of getting in the water? Go to a beach destination. Learn swimming. Learn surfing. Go scuba diving. Are you conscious about your body? Go to the beach and you’ll see people of all shapes and sizes having fun. Wear a bikini and let yourself feel beautiful. Are you scared of heights? Hike to the top of a mountain. Go paragliding. Get out there and do it. Conquer your fears.

Challenge yourself and you’ll be surprised by what you’re capable of. Travelling is the most evolved form of education. Grow through your experiences and adventures.

It’s time to plan for your next adventure!

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Learn How to Meet People in a New City

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One of the most difficult things for a solo traveler can be to make friends at a new place, especially if s/he is an introvert. One is alone at a new place so it is important to make new friends and go out with them to make your travel experiences the best. So don’t worry now, as you can connect with people from all over the world at Xoxo Tours. Find locals or connect with travelers for free. And below are some tips to make new friends in a new city.

Get out and interact with people

Be the first one to break the ice. Don’t hesitate in making the first move and interacting with locals. This is the best way to be friends with them. You may learn about their city with them, about the best restaurants, best places to shop, what are the best tourist attractions and experiences etc. Locals can give answers to all such questions which can make your travel experiences much better.

Join some activity

You must join some group activities or a group such as gym, zumba classes or other local activities etc. That’s how you can communicate and connect with locals. And yes, you also get to learn a new skill and plus make few good friends who can provide great insights of their beautiful city. Indulge in some local activities to become a part of their daily life or local life to get the most out of a city.

Every city has it’s persona which is enjoyed best when live it like locals. Enroll yourself in one of the local painting classes. If you love dogs, try to volunteer yourself at the animal shelters. Here, you will meet more dog persons, and you will love their company. If there is anything that you have wanted to try for your entire life, this is the best time to do it.

Explore the beauty, together

Well, yes you went alone on a trip but it is not necessary to explore a place alone. Instead ask out a local to accompany you at a restaurant or any activity you are going to. If you don’t have a buddy, find a travel companion in India at Xoxo Tours now. Explore beautiful places in and around with him/her.

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Top 6 Places to Enjoy The Best Nightlife

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Nightlife might not be existing or happening enough and safe in every city or country. So if you a night person, we are sorting you with this list of places with best nightlife experience. Pubs, Casinos, Clubs, Beach Sidewalks etc. are some of the best nightlife activities which you may enjoy at these places. However, don’t forget to visit XOXO Tours to add a travel companion to your trip or night outs.

Here are some of the top places to create best nightlife experiences:

1.Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is one of the best city to offer a great nightlife. It is the 2nd largest city in Germany and attracts a number of tourists all throughout the year. Pubs, bars, the all night street festivals are some of the major attractions here, and you will never leave this city without a promise to visit it again. If you are travelling alone to this place, visit XOXO Tours Social Travel App to add a travel buddy to your trip and make your trip filled with more fun.

2.Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is, one of the best town in Spain, famous for nightlife. Just ‘Google’ about the kinds of clubs or pubs you can visit here in this city to get an idea about this place. It is the home of amazing beaches, restaurants and vibrant nightlife. It can be one of the best place for your next trip, if you are a wild child.

3.Koh Rong, Cambodia

Another place you may visit with your travel buddy is Koh Rong. Travelling to this place solo might be boring, so you should sign up on XOXO Tours to get a travel partner. And you know what, one can get first 30 days access to this app for free đŸ€©.

4.Si Phan Don, Laos

Si Phan Don is one of the coolest island in the world where you can enjoy perfect date with your travel companion. Late night out in the hammock with your date can give you the best lifetime experience in this island. Tubing down the waters of this island and nightlife activities makes it a backpackers’ heaven.

5.Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are planning a solo trip and nightout is your thing, sign up on XOXO Tours Web App to connect to a stranger and go on a travel date in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the finest place to enjoy a night out with the kinds of pubs, clubs or discs you can find here.

6.Goa, India

Goa is the party capital of India and your India tour will always be incomplete without visiting this place. Goa is a famous for its christmas carnival. Night clubs, casinos, night fest and a lot of other nightlife activities, makes it a go to place to travel date.

So what are you waiting for?

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Why Wandering Can Open Up Your Thoughts & Mind

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Many of us have a soul of a wanderer. It not only freshens us but also help us explore many new places, culture, life etc. You get to meet new people from different culture who speak different languages, eat different cuisines etc. A person who travels a lot will always think differently as compared to a person who doesn’t travel much. Travelling also open up your thoughts and mind. Let’s find out why or how:

Wandering makes one mature:

Travelling makes us feel that we are on a hyperdrive. It is believed that the experience and the perspective that is collected by an individual in years by staying at one place, can be collected in only weeks/months if s/he is a frequent traveler. To see completely different life, different rules and the different ways in which other people can be happy, are some of the best experiences that travelling brings to you.

Wandering helps you learn about different cultures and their beliefs:

There is no doubt to the fact that culture is the most amazing thing that is present on planet Earth. Different communities follow different cultures and norms which make them even more interesting and amazing. Humans are transient beings that can easily change and start adapting to those changes. Travelling allows you to open your mind without judging people.

Wandering makes you creative:

With full time traveling, you can learn being more creative as you are exposed new things now. It also gives you an unmatched experience to face unexpected situations. Going through such situations and experiences, get the creativity out of you as you are now exposed such ideas which didn’t exist in your earlier.

Wandering teaches you tolerance:

Wandering will surely teach you tolerance which in turn makes you an open-minded personality. It removes your prejudices and makes you appreciate the essential similarities and differences that everyone in the world shares or inherits.

Wandering makes you feel free and independent:

Wandering makes you feel independent, freeing yourself from all chains of daily routine and hectic schedule. Embracing new routines, different traditions and different languages opens up your mind and thought to teach you the whole new meaning of life.

Wandering away from your home draws you even closer to your home. Are you a solo traveler? If yes, grab a travel buddy!

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7 Hottest Travel Date Places in the World

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Are you a hopeless romantic at heart and traveling to one of those romantic places has been on top of your list for quite some time now? But the problem is you don’t have a date at the moment. Hey, don’t fret no more. XOXO Tours has got a perfect solution for your dilemma here. XOXO Tours is a social platform that helps you to find a like-minded travel companion. Chat with them to know them and accordingly decide to plan a trip with them or not. You can either find someone who is traveling to the same destination as you or you may connect with a local. So, travel with XOXO Tours and pick yourself a date, now!

Below are 7 of the hottest places around the world to go travel dating:

1.Paris, France:

As Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Paris is hailed as the lover’s paradise. Admire the iconic Eiffel Tower and be awed by the Louvre glowing golden after dark. Enjoy the Parisian Cafes and go for a dinner date at one of the many elegant restaurants which come with breathtaking views. Book a room in Shangri-La for a view of the Eiffel tower and royal stay. Set the mood with some soulful Jazz in the Au Duc des Lombard. Summers in Paris also offer open-air cinemas where you can get cozy under a blanket of stars and enjoy a movie along with some wine.

2.New York City:

Of course you can’t go wrong with this. New York City, holiday season and a charming travel buddy. Sounds lit, ain’t it? Smile with the Christmas lights, indulge in a fancy dinner and sparkling champagne, let loose in NYC clubs and take a romantic walk in the Time Square. Travel dating couldn’t get more fun than this.

3.Buenos Aires, Argentina:

It takes two to tango. Tango the night away with your date in the Rojo Tango which also boasts of five-star food and gorgeous velvet-lined decor. Enjoy an evening of opera or ballet. Palermo neighbourhood, dotted with pristine parks, is the perfect place for a little picnic with your date or a romantic long walk. The neighbourhood also has some of city’s finest restaurants for a very romantic dinner date.

4.Bali, Indonesia:

Picturesque beaches, coral reefs and forested volcanic mountains make Bali its own kind of paradise. If you want some intimate time on the beach while it’s still quiet, enjoy an early morning walk and make some great memories playing with the crashing waves. Bask in the soft sun and warm sands, relax in the seaside resorts or go snorkeling and scuba diving for an adrenaline rush to spark up to nerve endings. Watch the sunset on the clear blue water for a perfect ending to your day. The beachside city of Kuta to the south has some great bars for you and your fun night with your travel date.

5.Kyoto, Japan:

Visit during the Sakura season for an out-of-the-world dating experience. Take a romantic walk down the streets sprinkled with powder pink cherry blossoms. Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines add a magical aura to this city. Do enjoy the famous Kaiseki dining with your travel buddy while you’re here.

6.Rome, Italy:

If you’re a die-hard romantic you sure would have fantasised falling in love in Rome. I mean, c’mon, we all have! Take a stroll with your sweetheart to the Fountain of the Turtles and pretend to be lovers of the Renaissance-era. The graffitied Ponte Milvio Bridge is a favourite spot among young love-struck Italians. You will see lovers clasping a padlock around the central lamppost of the bridge and tossing the key in the river below as a symbol of their unbreakable love. Visit the Orange Garden, adorned with citrus trees and 12th-century castle walls, for some leisurely hand-in-hand walk and watch the sunset from this hilltop garden away from the rush of the city.

7.St. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean:

Volcanic beaches, reef diving sites, luxury resorts and fishing villages are sure to fill you up with enthralling experiences. Venture into the rainforests and stumble upon breathtaking waterfalls. The Toraille is a 15m-high waterfall that pours into a beautiful garden. The warm Caribbean breeze is sure to take the romance game up a notch. The capital city of Castries is a popular cruise port.

So pack your best clothes and fly away on a romantic getaway with your travel buddy.

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