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Although there are endless reasons why a solo trip is so much better, there inevitably will be some occasional lonely moments that can totally bring down the fun. There will be moments when you want to share your jokes with someone and envy all those giggling couples that seem to flood the streets. XOXO Tours is here to help you save you from these lonely moments.

XOXO Tours is a social travel web app for travelers who are looking to find fellow travel mates to share their next adventure with.

Make New Buddies

Traveling isn’t just about ticking off places from your bucket list. It’s about adding people to your life from different cities and countries too. Traveling is the most intimate way of bonding with new people. You are sure to form some of your most cherished relationships while sharing an adventure with them. And it has several other perks too- for example, you can learn so much about their cultures, traditions and they will also give you a free pass to all the secret hideouts of their city.

Why or How XOXO Tours?

Network of Travelers — XOXO Tours is a social networking app that holds a huge community of passionate travelers. You can connect with people from all corners of the world who have one thing in common with you i.e. the love for travel. Most of them are are looking for a travel buddy to connect with and go out on a trip. At XOXO Tours, you may connect to people who are in search for the same thing as you.

Tour with a Travel Buddy — Now, you can just choose a destination, plan your trip, add the trip details on XOXO Tours and connect with a traveler to join you on your trip. It will not only make your trip more exciting, fun or adventurous, but it will also save you from being alone. It’s always a great to share experience with someone rather being alone. The best part of social travel is YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO CANCEL ANY TRAVEL PLANS DUE TO NON-AVAILABILITY OF YOUR FRIENDS, LIKE, EVER!!!

Meet Locals or Travel Guides — You can also connect with locals or travel guides at your destination who will love to show you around and experience you insights of a city. You can find the best budget restaurants, budget places to shop, traditional restaurants, secret places to go out with the help of them. This can to lead to one of the best travel experiences to share stories later.

Get out of your comfort zone. Go to places that you’ve always wanted to go. Make new friends and try new things.

Find travel buddies at XOXO Tours, Now!

XOXO Tours — A Travel Dating Web App

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Have you ever got an idea of being a traveling photographer/blogger or going on solo traveling on a hill station? Sounds damn peaceful, right?
But be careful and think twice! Especially if you are an extrovert. You need to be calm and have a lot of patience otherwise you will getting up bored in 1 day only which will definitely ruin your whole pre-planned trip. But what if you get a chance to experience to discover inner peace and life (which is the main purpose of solo trip) while adding a little twist to your trip instead of getting bored? Well, Xoxo Tours — a travel dating web app is the only thing that will fulfill your unforgettable trip dream.

Here are few steps which are going to help you to make the most out of this app:


Although unplanned things are the best for a good trip since they help you create a lot of memories. However, there are many things that should be properly planned before otherwise, they have enough potential to ruin it. Those things vary from tickets booking to hotel booking. Coordination with others is very important is our day to day life too. It helps to avoid future consequences. So for a smooth traveling experience, you should coordinate with your travel buddy in every aspect.

Low Expectations More Happiness

This is a very important thing that you need to keep in your mind. There’s a lot of difference between imaginary movies and real life. Nobody is perfect. Everyone got their own flaws. So if you want to make the best out of the trip, stay on the ground and accept the people for who they are.

Stay Real, Be yourself

Sometimes problem starts when people lie about themselves or pretend to be someone who they are not. This should be avoided since it can lead to many problems which are very unhealthy for such trip. Be proud of who you are!

Splitting up with no hesitation

When it comes down to the money matter, people hesitate a lot. It’s understandable since it’s a general human nature that we hesitate in money related things but we need to learn and become open in it. So no matter you are sharing a cab or a dinner, split up each and every bill in order to avoid unnecessary burden on each other.

So, all you need to do is log in to Xoxo Tours for a free registration by logging in with Facebook. Once after registering your personal details and upcoming trips in our website, the software will viably prompt you for a notification access to keep you posted on the relative matches that fall under the belt of your esteemed partner preferences who well enough relies on joining hands with you for an exploration travel within the defined insights of your destiny.

This multi-faceted website is built in such a way that the premium users can elegantly match their preferred travel partners or their travel buddies who possess top-notch travel exposures over the trips they attempt single-handed without a trustworthy companion so far.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Go to and take your first step to a memorable journey now!

My Experience With — Atrangi Womania

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I love ❤️❤️ TRAVELLING!!! And also travelling with the help of XOXO Tours.

Come in and let me tell you my experience with

Thinking of your next vacation already? Then you must definitely visit XOXO Tours to find yourself a super-fun travel friend and take up the excitement level a bit higher!

Also if I want to explore some places alone and I have no idea about the locality or the specialties. etc I can find someone who can help me to explore some cool places.

So what it is all about? Let’s get in touch here… SCROOOOLLLLL DOWN!!!

Let’s first start with the design.

A Simple and Clean website to start with and the best part is you can connect it with you Facebook account and your account is ready with just one-click. Isn’t it amazing??


Let me tell you steps to find new friends…

Create Account at just one click at
Add your Trips.
Find your travel buddies.
Wasn’t it simple? HELL YEAH!

We can sum up it as a social networking web app for travellers, to connect with a travel buddy with whom you may go a trip or travel date. So that you don’t go solo and won’t feel lonely at some places.

Imagine you going to a place that is already in your bucket list while on the other hand you’re all alone! Sad isn’t it? This is where XOXO Travels comes to the rescue, they help you to meet stranger and make your travel interesting. Explore people & places, both #Dating #Love #Travel #WhyTravelAlone #TravelDating #TravelBuddy.

All-In-One Travel Dating Website for Seamless Travel Experience Unimagined!

In the recent past, the trend of travel dating websites is massively creeping higher to relate your preferred travel partner at ease.

The travel dating websites are mere advancements of dating sites/apps like tinder and zorpia that went viral once after its inception for a much longer period which gets you an assistive guidance to match your preferred partner either for a date or settling for a long-term relationship with one another.


Xoxo Tours is a social networking web app designed and developed to connect travel enthusiasts from different places around the globe with each other. It is a perfect place for young blooded, single, friendly people and passionate elders.

Travel + Networking + Dating = Xoxo Tours

When you visit a new place, you are stuck with boring travel guides who takes you only to limited places. But Xoxo Tours provides you a unique way to hang out with a local from a particular place for a better ‘desi’ taste. It targets people from two categories-

  • Travelers
  • Wannabe Travelers

It allows you to connect yourself with people sharing the same niche as you. Maybe you can find a good friend, a hangout gang or even your soulmate here. You can chat with them and start a conversation, be friends, meet up, travel or date! Yes, you heard that right.

To spice things up, Xoxo Tours might also help you find a date for your next vacation. For all the single people out there, happy news for you! No more tears for traveling alone, while your friends are with their partners. Xoxo Tours is here for you. Find a date for yourself, explore each other, spend some quality time that too in a new place. Exciting, isn’t it?

The Logic of Xoxo Tours Website and how does it works:

Apart from all other paid utility websites or applications, Xoxo Tours might be the one to look out for when you are planning for an outrageous travel outing experience and lacking a bit in figuring out for a companion or a travel buddy to accompany you for a trip.

All you need to do is log in to for a free registration through logging in with Facebook. Once after registering your personal details and upcoming trips in our website, the software will viably prompt you for a notification access to keep you posted on the relative matches that fall under the belt of your esteemed partner preferences who well enough relies on joining hands with you for an exploration travel within the defined insights of your destiny.

This multi-faceted website is built in such a way that the premium users can elegantly match their preferred travel partners or their travel buddies who possess top-notch travel exposures over the trips they attempt single-handed without a trustworthy companion so far.

Trusted Facts & Figures That Explains the Best of Xoxo Tours

Unlike the other travel dating websites, Xoxo Tours is typically unique and pervasively resolves all your innate necessities in clubbing with one or more travel buddies during your travel experience at any desired location across the globe.

So Guys get a travel buddy on XOXO Tours and go off, what are you waiting for?

6 Quintessential Destinations in Southeast Asia to Travel Solo

Traveling Solo? Find a Travel Date @ Xoxo Tours

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The lush land of Southeast Asia beckons globetrotters from all corners of the world. Picturesque hill stations and verdant valleys, mighty volcanoes and luxuriant rainforests, golden beaches and gorgeous islands, cities alive with urban chaos and cities redolent with spirituality, diverse culture and a myriad delectable cuisines makes Southeast Asia a treasure trove for any traveler. Are you a solo traveler? Find a no strings attached travel mate for your trip.

Find a like-minded travel partner on XOXO Tours and set out on a savoury mission to unravel the treasures offered by the rich land of Southeast Asia. Having said that, here’s 6 quintessential destinations that you must visit:

1.Alleppey, Kerala: Alleppey is a city in the Laccadive Sea in the South-Indian State of Kerala. Known for its houseboat cruises in Kerala’s famous backwaters, lagoons and a wide network of canals, gorgeous Alleppey is known as the ‘Venice of the East’. Tranquil beaches, beautiful backwaters and verdant paddy fields makes it a tiny paradise tucked calmly in the lap of the rich land of Kerala.

2.Boracay, Philippines: A small, scenic island in Central Philippines, Boracay is loved by tourists and for all the right reasons. White Beach along the west coast is adorned with palm trees, hotels, resorts and bars. Strong winds in the Bulabog Beach on the east coast make it the hub of water sports. Hop onto for a romantic evening with your travel buddy here.

3.Don Det, Laos: Don Det, a pretty island in the heart of Mekong River in Laos, is the perfect destination for a leisurely vacation with a charming travel companion. Saunter down the tranquil beaches and chill in a hammock. Wooden decks laid in front of bars and restaurants are a great place to get chatty with the amicable locals. Rent a tube and float on the Mekong River.

4.Singapore: It is a paradise for foodies and shopaholics. Singapore is one of the best place to explore or go on a travel date in Southeast Asia. Get spiritual marvelling at the temples in Chinatown before you grab a sumptuous Chinese dainty, go on a shopping frenzy in Orchard Road, treat yourself to a dose of luxury in Marina Bay and enjoy the sunset sitting by the Merlion.

5.Pai, Thailand: A super aesthetic town in the Valley of Pai River, Pai is all about picture-perfect mountain scenery. This cozy town is decorated by picturesque gorges, roaring waterfalls and sublime hot springs. The Pai Walking Street is lined with colourful food and handicraft stalls. Bond over hiking sessions and awe-inspiring valley views in Pai Canyon with your travel date.

6.Siem Reap, Cambodia: Siem Read is a picturesque resort town in northwest Cambodia, studded with the ancient ruins of the Angkor Wat. Tourists often visit Siem Reap for its temples of architectural beauty. But still there’s a lot a to do when you’ve run out of all the temples. A variety of cuisines, sumptuous spas, chic restaurants are sure to keep you busy in Siem Reap.

Book your tickets now! And connect with a like minded traveler on XOXO Tours!

Questions You Need to Ask on Your First Date

100% Free Travel Dating Website — Xoxo Tours

There is no doubt to the fact that a date can go horribly wrong if you are not good at communication for which asking the right questions frequently can be very helpful. Conversations are most difficult for an introvert personality but is a very important part on a date. And questions keep a conversation away going on a silence mode which is a big no on a date. If you love travelling and looking for a travel buddy, you need to learn these skills that keep a conversation going. So here is a quick guide for you with sets and questions that you may ask your buddy on a first travel date.

Questions in the first awkward 10 minutes:

Initiating a conversation on a first date can be tricky sometimes.

  • Where are you from?
  • Where did you go for schooling?
  • What was your major in college?
  • What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Questions after the food arrive:

Now you need to ask such questions which allow you to start gauging over his or her true personality.

  • What was the thing that you bragged the most in front of your parents?
  • Who would you love to take an advice from?
  • Do you prefer making your own bed?
  • Are you a pet lover?
  • What type of music you like the most?
  • Are you more of a TV person or do you prefer movies?
  • Do you have any siblings?
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  • If you could only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • What was the last book you really got into?
  • What amazing adventures have you been on?

When things are getting comfortable:

  • Do you have any nicknames?
  • If you could start a new life, what changes would you prefer?
  • What are the things that you would love to be remembered by the world for?
  • Where else would you consider living?
  • What’s your social life like? Do you have a big group of friends?
  • Do you consider yourself career — driven?
  • What are you most passionate about?

Sign me up for the second date:

  • Can I split the check with you?
  • How the work looking for you this week?
  • Do you have fun plans for the rest of the weekend?
  • How are you getting home?
  • Did you like this place?
  • Can we meet again?

These questions allow you to understand what kind of person your date is and what are his/her dreams and objectives are in life. You can go on a travel dating in Goa or any part of the world with Xoxo Tours.

Find locals and travelers at Xoxo Tours for Free!!

11 Travel Blogs or Bloggers you Need to Follow

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Are you looking for some travel stories to kickstart your plan for your next adventure? Or are you just trying to gain some inspiration to start your own travel blog? These picture-perfect blogs are sure to fill you with some serious wanderlust vibes. Read their stories as they go cherishing places and people all over the world.

Read on to find out about some of the best travel blogs on the internet right now:

1.Bruised Passports: “Wheres and Wears”, it is a travel and fashion blog started by a couple, Savi and Vid. They both are travel enthusiasts, who have travelled to over 80 countries in last 12 years and by this blog they are helping travellers to decide where to go and what to wear.

2.Classe Touriste: Photographer David De Vleeschauwer and travel writer Debbie Pappyn have been travelling for last 2 decades and with this blog they want to share their best travel experiences, favorite places and some secret spots around the globe. Check out this blog, if you and your travel buddy are looking for some adventure on your trip.

3.XOXO Tours: A company blog of a social networking platform for travellers, this web app will rescue you from pain of travelling solo. It helps you connect with like-minded travellers and plan your next adventure with them. Go through the rich collection of articles on their blog for some much needed travel tips before you start planning for your next vacation. We recommend you signup & find a travel buddy now, it’s free!

4.Wandering Earl: A travel blog Derek Earl who is a full time traveller and has visited over 88+ countries in last 16 years. By this blog he wants to share his travel experiences and prove that full time or long term travel is possible. It is a realistic lifestyle option that anyone can opt for.

5.Migrationology: A travel and food blog by Mark Wiens for people who travel for food. You can learn about authentic local food of any place around the world from him which you can enjoy with your travel friend.

6.Hippie in Heels: Rachel Jones, an american who left a career in nursing 5 years ago to live on the beaches in Goa, started this blog which focuses on off-beat and glamorous travel. Follow this blog to stay in budget on a travel date.

7.Culinary Backstreets: A must follow travel blog for food lovers. Their travel stories revolve around traditional and family-run restaurants. Check out their stories to find those overlooked culinary gems of a place.

8.A Hotel Life: If you’re one of those travelers who prefers luxury travel, this blog has got you covered. A blog by Ben Pundole, Founder and Editor in Chief, who has experience of 20 years in hotel business. Follow it to learn about the best luxury hotels around the globe.

9.My Yellow Plate: This bright yellow blog is just right for travel and food zealots. From street foods to posh diners, MYP explores all. Check the ‘MYP Loves’ for their personal recommendations of restaurants worth dying for.

10.A Luxury Travel Blog: Every traveller who loves luxury travel must follow this blog. Find the most luxurious hotels and resort to spend quality time with your travel date.

11.Hey Nadine: This is a blog by Nadine Sykora, who is a travel vlogger sharing her travel experiences and expertise. She has travelled to over 49 countries over the last 7 years and a must follow for every traveller. You may subscribe her channel on youtube.

So just follow these blogs to explore the world better.

What to Wear While Travelling With a Travel Buddy

Are you going on a travel date? But you don’t know what to wear on this trip. Don’t worry, we have created a basic and pretty simple list to follow that can help anyone to impress a new friend and create better travel experiences.

Keep it basic and comfortable

Yes, go basic. When it comes to clothes, traveling is all about going basic. Basic clothing is an essential to make your feel comfortable while traveling. It’s important for you as well as your travel date, that you are feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. So choose something basic that matches up with your personality and skin.

Dress to the occasion

While on travel, dressing like how you do it your own city might not work. Yes, you need to dress according to the occasion. Like outfit for a beach and pub has to be different. But most importantly, the best thing to wear is to dress like locals. That’s how you will enjoy most on your trips and can create lovely friendships.


Every look is incomplete without the right accessories. So to impress your new travel friend, you must choose the right accessories like a watch, shades and scarf to dress perfect and classy. Depending on the place and how locals dress, accessories may vary.

Shoes are the most important

Shoes are not only important to look great or dress perfect but you need to choose the right shoe wear for your travel to keep yourself comfortable and out of feets pain. To travel and walk on a trip, you need that right shoes. And yes you also need to look dapper, so choose wisely.

Wear a Perfume

Smell good, it’s an important ingredient that completes your look. It is something which no one should take for granted and you must use a nice perfume especially if you have to step out in summers or some place hot or in sun.

These tips are inevitably going to help you to be comfortable as well as to look dapper on your trip.

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