10 Websites to Help you Find Your Next Travel Friend

Free Travel Dating Site — Xoxo Tours

Finding a travel buddy might sound trivial offered with the plethora of existing travel partner. It is an essential thing to remember that it will take some time to get the right travel partner. One of the major problems is the safety of female solo travellers. It is not a cakewalk to have faith in a stranger in a different land, but some services are meant keeping safety issues of the females in their mind. They are helping their customers in making their trip smooth and full of happy memories. To find it, here are some options suggested for finding them:

1.Xoxo Tours: It is a social network especially designed and developed for travelers. It is a website to connect solo travelers with locals or other travelers while on a trip. It is easy to use with a clean UI/UX design that enhances it user experience.

2.Tripgiraffe.com: It is a free website allowing the person to create a trip specifying what type of travel companion a visitor is looking for. Filter function makes the assurance the post will not get lost and always be searchable.

3.Penpaland.com: It is the free social networking website for online correspondence, learning foreign languages, cultural exchanges, sharing photos and videos. One can learn a language or one can find friends for travel dating from expedition destinations.

4.GAFFL: In this website, when the user put the name of the city or the terminus for dates of globe trots to search for others. A time slot will be generated for the traveler where the person will see who would go for an excursion to that place at the same time. It is not a travel dating app, but a person can plan the trip in a small group after receiving the information through the website. The excellent thing is that one will find others without giving any additional information. The execution of the site is excellent.

5.Travel Begins Here: A trip is a journey to learn new things in the unknown stations and to have access to them. This website cannot be used to find a travel mate, as the main focus of this app is to provide user-friendly sightseeing guides. Guides are available in many languages so that any matter of language arises. The app also gives additional guidance in discovering a place in sophisticated ways.

6.Echutti.com: This is one of the best websites that can be used as a traveler’s app to attach with tourists tramping to the same venue and make friends with a companion in the same city.

7.Travel Buddy: It is a traveler’s web app or social network with over 150,000 user bridging travelers at the same restaurant or nearby. It is a mobile app that turns any hotel check-in into a rich social network. One can create a profile automatically by connecting to social networking.

8.Heretomeet.com: It a new social networking site for backpackers. One can input the travel destinations, interests and dates; the podium matches like-minded travelers with similar itineraries. This traveling app also offers event ideas through eventbrite. When one meets an individual, before that they can exchange media and messages and live chats through the website. The website is so new, and one may not find a ton of users, its best to keep an eye on. One can also add the photos, comments, plan for meetings and also post questions in the social feed. The website is a good choice to find a solo traveler to trip together.

9.Wingman: On this traveling app, the user gets the help to meet people at the airport, on the flight, and even at the destination. People are getting their partners for holidaymaker on this website. It is an excellent way to get the passenger for next journey.

10.Reditt: Reditt is a renowned name to find interesting stories. It has a message board that allows users to post trips and invite others to join. The solo travel subreditt is one of the best ports of call to find decent travel partners to trip together.

Apart from these, you can also count on Xoxo Tours to find locals or travel buddy for your trips.

10 Best Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money On Your Next Trip

With so many places to choose from, organising a trip can get quite overwhelming. And think about all the expenses. Planning a budget-friendly trip is seriously an art. Every place comes with its own kind of charm and to enjoy it in a pocket friendly budget can be handy with these below mentioned travel hacks.

Here we have put together a list of travel hacks for your next trip:

1. Go off-season: Avoid the peak holiday months of June, July and August when prices are hiked and tourists take over the place. You’ll likely be wasting most of the day waiting in tiring queues. Also avoid summer for the reason that locals fly out for their own holidays and without the essential locals your trip will lack the authentic feel. Early Spring and Fall are the best time to enjoy with a travel date.

2. Spend smart: Glitzy restaurants and shops on the main (tourist) roads mainly have their prices marked up for travelers. Stay off the main road and explore the smaller shops or places. They tend to be cheaper and plus travelling is all about getting to know an insight of a place.

3. Stay in city centre: Stay in a moderate hotel in or near the city centre. That way you would not be faced with the hassle of transportation and can just walk to almost all the places of interest, restaurants and bars.

4. Meet local/s: Try to mingle with the locals and spend some quality time with them. Visit a good restaurant, bar or someplace to groove the night away. Trust me, no matter what amount of internet research you do, a local can still show you better insight of a city.

5. Get off the beaten path: Exploring hotspots is too cliche these days, so it would be a good decision to explore the lesser known and hidden gems of a place.

6. Free museum entry: Most of the museums have free entry on particular days. Try to plan accordingly. It’s a great way to save some extra.

7. Use free Wi-Fi: Most of the libraries have free Wi-Fi and computers that you can use for free. If you’re just looking to connect to your friends and family back home, just run to a library or McDonald’s. There is free Wi-Fi literally everywhere.

8. Advanced booking: Book your train or flight in advance as there’s a chance you’ll be paying only half the price. And use apps like Oyo rooms, Trivago etc. to book your hotel at discount or best rates.

9. Use Budget Airlines: Every place has plenty of super-saver airlines that fly between cities at really low ticket costs. You’ll be surprised that some are even cheaper than trains depending on the distance.

10. BONUS: Don’t forget to use Xoxo Tours to connect with a like-minded travel buddy.

Pack your bags and fly away.

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XOXO Tours Launches, Web App Targeting Travel Enthusiasts.

Xoxo Tours Launches a Social Networking Website for Solo Travelers. Now, all Solo Travelers can Travel Worldwide with Endless Choices of Travel Buddies!

LEWES, DELAWARE, USA, July 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whether you’re going on a vacation or on a business trip to any side of the world, there are many best ways to beat the boredom of traveling alone. One of the best ways to do that is to find a travel companion. This Valentine’s if you are planning to go someplace new, you have a chance of doubling that adventure by finding a date/travel companion on XOXO Tours.

The hottest app of the season is here!

says Kishore Beniwal, the Founder, and CEO of XOXO Tours.

XOXO Tours is a one-stop platform to connect with fabulous travelers all across the globe without even getting out of your couch, and meet & travel with them! With this dedicated app for ‘Travel Enthusiasts’, you get a chance to meet people all across the globe — including locals from the place you are about to visit. What could be a better way to roam around in a new country with a travel partner who could give you some raw insights.

The app is optimized keeping the needs of a traveler in mind and hence offers a dedicated social networking platform. As per the founder of XOXO Tours, Kishore Beniwal, “the app can be used in many ways. It can help a user to plan, organize and connect you to a travel buddy, someone who understands your wanderlust and craves for the same thrill as you do!” He defines the app concept merely in three words as:

“Travel + Networking + Dating = XOXO Tours”

An app like XOXO Tours makes your travel related decisions more independent and saves you from scenarios like “people backing out”, which is the sole reason for canceled trips!

How to Start?
Finding a travel companion is very easy with XOXO Tours. Just open the app, and sign-up with your Facebook account, and you’re on! Executing a travel date is just a few clicks away with XOXO Tours.

For female users, the app and all of its features are absolutely free but male users can use the app with limited features for free till he upgrades his account to a premium user to avail more features of the app. However, for up to 45 days, male users can enjoy all the premium features for free.

The app makes sure you get connected with the like-minded travelers or travel companions for your trip to share an amazing travel experience. XOXO Tours is the perfect place to socialize with others on the move, even connect and make friends before you reach your destination. The app’s potential is limitless in terms of traveling and solely depends upon a user’s creativity.

Things You Can do with XOXO Tours!
Imagine you have a connecting flight or worse, your flight just got delayed, and you are kind of stuck in an alienated place. You have no idea what the city/country is like. This is where XOXO Tours can come to your rescue. Simply open the app and find a travel companion from around and Voila! The next minute you’re with a local, go on a date or explore your surroundings. Great opportunity right? You never know what life has planned for you, never stop exploring. With a platform like XOXO Tours, adventure is just a mere clicks away. Seize the opportunity!

“Solo traveling has become a hot trend these days and XOXO Tours offers an opportunity to connect with a travel companion from anywhere in the world to make their tour more exciting and pleasurable.” says the founder and CEO, Kishore Beniwal.

About XOXO Tours
XOXO Tours is a new generation travel dating app launching in India that combines the thrills of travel and dating in a dedicated app. The app aims at providing a seamless experience to travelers to find a travel partner or a date while he/she travels in some foreign place. The app is free to use for females, while offers a very nominal subscription fee for male users. It is registered under company name ‘XOXO Tours LLC’ based in Delaware, USA with its Development Center in New Delhi, India.

Pulkit Goel
Xoxo Tours LLC
email us here

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4 Cost Effective Ways to Travel

#1 Travel Dating Site — Xoxo Tours

All of us wanderlust-struck souls are familiar with this challenge. So many of our plans have been dampened by issues related to budget. Although traveling can be so much fun, we often at some point or the other throughout the trip end up feeling a little broke. But we’ve got a great news for you.

Here we have put together 4 of the most cost effective ways to keep in mind while planning your next trip:

  • Travel Off-Season: Whichever part of the world you’re pinning on for your next trip, steer clear of the peak travel season. If you travel off-season, the chances are that you’ll be saving an enormous amount. Flight fares are usually low during the off-season and you’re also likely to get a lot of discounts. The hotels, even the really cheap ones, tend to increase their rates during the rush season so you can avoid that by travelling off-season.
    It also means that you might get a quiet place with your travel date to spend some quality time with.

  • Travel Smart: Use your smartphone while travelling. All you have to do is download the right apps. Skyscanner and Hopper are some of the best apps that will help you keep track of airfare, notify you when there’s a price drop and help you pick ‘low-cost’ days with the colour coded calendars. TripAdvisor and Trivago will guide you to the best yet pocket-friendly hotels.
    If you’re flexible with your stay and don’t mind staying in a hostel, you can use Airbnb and HostelBookers.com.

  • Book all-inclusive deals: Book all-inclusive deals is the key to a cheap and stress-free holiday. Leave your cash in your bank account. All-inclusive deals is a great way to save money on trips. You may book all your meals in the hotel/resort you staying and make use of all the amenities that are available.

  • Social travel: Split your worries and your expenses too. Team up with a travel buddy can be more fun and cut down your expenses by at least 30% on a trip. As you may share hotel and transportation costs. It would also make your trip more exciting and adventurous as you get to spend time with a stranger.

Now you got the tips, the next thing to do is to find a travel partner at Xoxo Tours. Visit now!

Learn Travel Blogging with Xoxo Tours

Find Single Travelers to Meet & Trip Together @ Xoxo Tours

If the mesmerizing breeze of mountains, lush green forests, pearl white sand beaches etc. entices you, if the idea of traveling always soothes you up, if there is a lot you want to explore, you surely are a traveler. And you own chances to start a travel blog too.

What many people think is that blogging is a time pass. However like any other job, one have to be on tips and toes to connect with an audience. So, first step to the ladder is that one should be a full time traveler to be a decent travel blogger. Abhinav from “A Soul Window” is one such example of a full time traveler who have been influential for showing people the uniqueness and tranquillity of travel around the globe.

Tips for Travel Blogging

  • Unique — Be unique in your own state. Try to cover new and refreshing topics in your blogs as copy & paste might not work. Try to contribute to your audience or to build an audience of your own.
  • Out of Your Comfort Zone — Traveling is all about getting out of your comfort zone. So to be a successful travel blogger, you must go out of your comfort zone and explore the unseen.

  • Passion — There are different types of travel bloggers. Some like to write about food or cuisines available in different places around the globe, some like to write about fashion or what to wear at different types of vacations or trips. So identify your passion and execute it in your blogs.
  • Full Time Travel — Most of the successful travel bloggers tend to become full time travelers or are full time travelers who takes up to blogging to share their travel experiences, insights etc. with people.
  • Social Travel— Traveling is all about exploring new places and people. People is an important part of travel so don’t be shy and connect with people while you travel.

Be the light the world wants to see. Capture every moment when you are traveling and share your experiences with the world.

Get a travel buddy at Xoxo Tours, Now!

Looking for a Travel Date or Locals? Visit Xoxo Tours Now!

No. 1 Dating Website to Find a Travel Friend or Meet Locals — Visit Xoxo Tours, Now

Are you planning for a trip to a nowhere city? Travelling requires a lot of planning, to have a great fun fledged trip, from destination to sightseeing places to outfits etc. Many of us have travel goals which we would love to fulfill on our trips and now we also need a ‘travel buddy’. But where to look for a travel companion. The traditional dating apps are not effective in doing so as many people on these apps are not travel enthusiasts like you.

Visit Xoxo Tours now. Yes, we can get you a travel buddy to add a lot of fun on your trip. Chat with strangers, who are travel enthusiasts like you, make them friends and execute your trip with them. Travel dating can be thrilling and unique that anyone would love to experience. Here is why you can look up to XOXO Tours for planning your travel date:

Connect & Chat With Like Minded People

Xoxo Tours is designed & developed targeting travel enthusiasts, travelers, wannabe travelers etc. So you can connect and chat with a number of like minded people who may have the same passion for traveling as you possess.

Add More Excitement & Fun on Your Trip/s

Going solo can be boring many a times. One may feel to share travel experience with a like minded person. So now when you have connected with a like minded person on Xoxo Tours. You can go a trip with him/her to make your travel experiences more exciting, fun and adventurous.

Travel Dating or Travel Friendship

Well, yes you can go on a travel date with that like minded traveler and be great travel buddy with him/her. Be ready to socialise and travel social.

Pocket Friendly Pricing

Xoxo Tours web app is free for female users, but male users have to upgrade to a premium member to make use of our web app after free access of 45 days. However, pricing plans to upgrade are pocket friendly and competitive as compared to other dating apps.

Travel social with Xoxo Tours. #SocialTravel is a trending thing in 2018 and much more fun and exciting as compared to solo trips.