Find a Travel Buddy to Create Beautiful Travel Experiences

Traveling is an elixir which can treat your sorrows and can help you to get rid of the toll of busy schedules. The addition of new experiences to life is something which gives new paths and new energy to life. If you love traveling, then you must find a travel buddy who can embed stars on your beautiful journeys. Finding a travel partner is not something which needs lots of research as you can get quickly on the travel dating websites. You need to find a perfect travel dating web app which includes the critical and essential policies for the protection of your privacy. But, now the point comes that how to find the best website for you which can assist you to find the best travel partner for yourself.

Privacy Policies

When you start looking for the perfect website, then you should give preference to the privacy policies of the company because it is your right to get your information secured with the site where you have registered. We use to enter all the details about name, date of birth and any Id Proof too. The leakage of that information can cause severe blunders for you. It is an era when cybercrime is usual, and your personal information can be the reason for that. So, be aware of these things and do not give any chance to the people to commit any crime. Choose a website which can provide you with a travel buddy so that you can gather new experiences for yourself.

Join at Zero Balance

Wherever you are going to register yourself, choose a travel dating website which can offer free registration to you. It is evident that you do not know that you can find the perfect travel companion or not. So, you cannot risk your money there on the registration. There are numerous travel dating websites which have their policies for the betterment of the people and their management respect your money. Hence, choose the best, and this is the only way to get a travel partner. The perfect travel buddy can add charm to your every moment and can help you to capture memories on camera, so do not wait and find one.

Helping Hand

Suppose you want to get any assistance regarding the tour packages or about the person with whom you can delve into the streets of the world. You can dig into various lands and can feel the supremacy of their cultures and traditions this way. Every country, every society has their own rules and rituals. But, if a website is offering a helping hand to you then you can find locals as your travel partner and that can be helpful to you because that person can understand the native language and can provide the best way to explore a particular place. So, find the best website to make a right combination of endeavors. You can get this on the top of the heap while considering the memory book of your life.

Lots of Choices

If you are searching for a travel partner, then travel dating website can serve you as a blessing. You can find variou people on such sites which can help you to explore the world with a unique vision and can provide you opportunities to get the affordable prices of the tour packages. If you choose a perfect travel dating website, then you can get lots of choices at the top of the line. Then select a person who has identical interests as you have. He or she can be the best possible travel friend for you as that can lead to better understanding and beautiful memories naturally.

Concluding the above points, you can surmise Xoxo Tours as the best travel dating site. You can find your best friend, soulmate, or whatever you want. Do not wait to see the right moment and pack your backpack for your next journey. You can get your Mr. or Mrs. Perfect or a good friend anytime so get ready for the moment and presuppose that it would be your bet journey of the life. Better thinking will always provide the best tours and best experiences.

Chat & Meet Local Singles or Travelers at Places you Visit —

Chat & Meet Locals Around the World!

Be it a multi-day backpacking trip to Glacier National Park or a relaxing beach holiday at the Maldives, an trip to the romantic city or Paris or a cultural getaway to Varanasi –nothing comes more handy than having a local travel companion. You might ask, “Why a native companion when I can travel solo”. Well, when you are travelling a new place if new faces become friendly, wouldn’t strange places seem more appealing?

None knows your city better than you, a local resident. Similarly, the new travel mates you meet in the new place will be your guide, your encyclopedia to explore what’s not mentioned on the itinerary. And who knows, you might end up finding a travel date?

Xoxo Tours is here to help

The quirky and chirpy the name sounds, Xoxo Tours is more fun than that. It is a global travel networking site where locals from one place meet locals from another place. You can be a solo traveler looking for thorough guidance about the place or a travel enthusiast looking for a local date to add some sugar and spice in your trip.

Xoxo Tours helps you connect with thousands of people around the world, find one among them to make the trip memorable. Also join others’ trips to help them know the place better or go for travel dating.

Solo Travel Can Be Boring

So you have planned for this trip and there was no place for any companion as you wanted to make the most out of it all alone. But right after 1–2 days, the trip seems boring as you find no one to share the memories you make, none to talk for hours under the sky and none to show you the places off the beaten path. Having a travel buddy not only helps you to get in touch with the new culture of the new place but also create some memories together, which was not on your bucket list.

Added Bonanzas Await You

Creating a new buddy at the unknown place also comes with some perks which a solo travel cannot offer. Locals know places which do not even exist on maps or planned itinerary and if you are someone in quest of exploring hidden gems, then only a like-minded native companion will help you find one. You will never learn about the best dessert stall in the network of alleys in a city without a local buddy. Only a local dweller from the hill station will be able to take you to the hidden overlooks and shortcut trails.

You No Longer Sigh At Happy Couples On The Street

Singlehood and solo travelling is fun and all but while exploring the romantic side of the city when you see those couples walk hand-in-hand and enjoy drinks together, you might feel envious. With this travel dating app, you will get in touch with a companion who can accompany you to the places you explore and give you suggestions about new exciting things to do. Together you can share experiences, have food and drink together and get surprised at how you two have so much similar wavelength. Finding that special person on a trip is not only unexpected but also adds new colors to your life.

So How And Where Do You Start

You start with a quick registration on by syncing your Google or Facebook account — it’s totally safe. After filling up the account information and profile, start browsing profiles from round the world to stumble upon the ones with whom your travel preferences match. You can “Like” them and when both “Like” each other, match is successful. You can now chat and share travel plans. While male users need a premium account to chat, females will enjoy free service! You can also add the trip details on your profile so that those who would be interested, can check out and drop a message.

So be it a new friend to guide you on your trip or a like-minded dating partner to add romance in your boring trip, the Xoxo Tours is there to offer fun-filled travel plans for everyone and that too at an affordable cost (free for ladies!).

Enjoy upto 45 days of free browsing and chatting with locals and travelers only with Xoxo Tours.

7 Places to Go on a Trip — Enjoy Life With a Travel Mate!

Find a Travel Mate, Now!

Travel-maniacs are always high on adrenaline to explore the pristine facets of different places all over the globe. From mountains to deep oceans, arid desserts to lush forestry –the choices are many to fit in your travel bucket list.

Here we have handpicked 7 different places to visit with your travel buddy from another city:

1.London, England — Let’s start with the city by the Thames River which is famous for the signature Parliament House, the London Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey. Enjoy the London skyline from the enlightened London Eye wheel or from The View of The Shard. Photograph deer at Richmond Park or feed pelicans at St James Park. Get a prehistoric treat at Natural History Museum or learn about royal lavishness from the Tower of London. Catching a match at Wimbledon or clicking pictures with wax figures at Madam Tussauds –you cannot get enough of London!

2.Leh, India — Get a travel companion and conquer the Himalayan Ranges on a Royal Enfield –Yes, we’re talking about Kashmir. From one of world’s largest motorable pass Khardung La to the world’s highest saltwater lake Pangong Tso, from the cold dessert of Nubra Valley to the snow-swathed kingdom of Chang La, everywhere around Leh is full of diversity. Marvel at the thousand hues of the Moonland in Lamayuru or stand in reverence of the 32 meter tall Diskit Buddha. Not to forget the Gyamo in Hemis or the War Memorial of Drass.

3.Great Barrier Reef, Australia — Transparent turquoise-azure water, coral colony, marine life in full splendour –yes, you guessed it right. The Great Barrier Reef being the largest reef system of corals is your paradise for snorkelling and underwater diving in the Cairn’s and the Ribbons. A walk along the Whitehaven Beach is as rejuvenating as braving the winds while sailing. Don’t miss out to watch the kangaroos at Port Douglas or crocodiles at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. With the help of your new travel-mate, plan a helicopter tour to have bird’s eye view of Hook Reef, Heart Reef and so on.

4. Costa Rica — The horse-riding or ziplining activities in the natural forestry of Guanacaste of Costa Rica are not complete without a travel friend. Explore the Pacific Coast and the magnificent hues of the twilight sunset on a cruise or go for private boating to explore virgin beaches and islands of Guanacaste. Surfing at the beaches like Playa Cocles, Jaco and Playa Negra or Canyoning along La Paz or Tabacon Hot Springs are for adrenaline junkies. The rainforest of Cano Negro and Tortuguero are the areas rich in wildlife.

5. Glacier National Park, Montana — With numerous trail systems running through an array of waterfalls, mountains and valleys, hiking, biking and other outdoor adventures with a local companion become most enjoyable at Glacier National Park. Enjoy mountain climbing at Clements and Swiftcurrent, go for boat or kayak tours on Lake Josephine and Lake McDonald or catch sight of Grizzly Bears and Mountain Goats by the Middle Fork Flathead River. Hiking along Grinnell Glacier, Trail of the Cedars, Avalanche Lake and Swiftcurrent Pass are ever-so-enjoyable, so are skiing and snowshoeing in Apgar region.

6. Phuket, Thailand — Get a buddy through Xoxo Tours to explore Phuket and enjoy activities like boating along Phang Nga Bay and beach-hopping at Phi Phi Island. Take a dip into the pristine blue seas flanking Similan Islands or take a bath with elephants at the sanctuaries. Set out to enjoy nightlife with Simon Cabaret Show, FantaSea Show at Kamala Beach and also explore the night markets to share some street food with your travel mate.

7. Grand Canyon, Arizona — Having a native travel partner while you explore the stunning Grand Canyon on the mule-back or on a bike or on foot will be most convenient. Hiking trails like South Kaibab and Bright Angel is equally enchanting as enjoying a train ride through the rugged landscape. Other options include taking a jeep tour to the dessert, standing on the Skywalk, rafting in Colorado River and Camping with your partner.

So, what enchants you the most –the crashing waves or the underwater life, the towering mountains or the dense rainforest, the vibrant streets or the wondrous landmarks? Find a travel buddy on Xoxo Tours and go on a trip together!

9 Reasons to Solo Travel: Do it Alone and Meet Local Singles

Find Local Singles

Travelling is an excellent way of learning about oneself and sharing awesome experiences. It’s true that its always an exceptional trip when you travel with the family and friends, but one cannot ignore the adventure of travelling alone from time to time. It is not always necessary to have a travel partner. Solo travel can be beneficial in many ways.

There are 9 best reasons to support the notion of Solo Travel:

1.Adjustment Issues: It can be challenging to adopt a trip with a travel buddy if the choices are different. Sometimes it’s even more difficult when one tries to implement plans with a group. The shortage of time can’t find a travel partner, so that may be the perfect time to pack the bags and go anyway.

2.Challenge Yourself: Solo tour describes you are stronger than you think. While connecting within traveler’s social network, one can find a travel companion. But, it will not develop the potential and passion for travelling as you have. Some of us have a support system that helps us manage in our daily lives. Traveling solo gives the time to decrease down, spend, and reflect that quality time with themselves that one may often forget in their busy schedules.

3.Accompany Yourself: If one rarely spends great time alone, they may feel surprised at how enjoyable it can be. Just truly listen to your thoughts and enjoy the dreams. Depending on the venue, there will be no need for a travel companion. The solo trip will be an intense, auto-suggestive, life-changing experience. Is it possible to think and sit silently in the morning without having to make a conversation with anyone? This can be possible with the solo journey.

4.No Show-off: Sometimes a single person waits and prefers Travel Dating but when a person is dating someone before; there are times when one takes a vacation away from that relationship. Solo travelling will give you a chance to explore the real you without compromising on anything else.

5.Do Whatever you Want: People often search Travel Dating App for a partner, but while traveling alone, they can do things and explore their hobbies when they want as cooking classes, language classes and much more. Life is so often spent, in making compromises for responsibilities while on the go, hence the feeling of living for yourself is always better than anything else.

6.Get out of the Safe Zone: Progressing alone enhances the safe zone. There are few things as walking alone in a new country being accompanied by no one more than the self-confidence. Even one can check Travel Dating App whereas the sailing permits to get in touch with true desires, step out of the safe zone and listen more closely to the inner voice. While traveler’s web app will help them to restore and find greater possibility in life, on the other hand, it gives them a chance to explore the world with varied angles. It empowers anyone and makes an individual super smarter and better person.

7.Excellent Service: The solo traveller can reside anywhere; it can be five-star hotels or a small motel on the roadside. When you are at great hotels, it means they have intuitive people, genuineness, and empathy. The people who are using travel dating web app sometimes feel tensed. They ignore their choices. Wishes can be fulfilled when anyone is single. Otherwise, it can cause a clash in thoughts. One can make it a sweet room or cocktail in the hotel only.

8.Contact new People and Make new Friends: Travelling alone will make talking to strangers a delight, and if someone goes with any person, it’s easy to communicate with that individual only. Even traveling app will help in guiding the travellers. While solo travel opens the chances of making new friends and co-relate with everyone, it also helps in bringing cultures together. It will also extend the sphere of any person and helps in learning new things.

9.Relax: It is considered as the mindfulness and quietness to be excellent benefits of flying alone. Keeping silent in one’s thoughts might be attainable without moving apart. Traveler’s web app is one of the best things recently in trend for guiding the visitors. One will get something new while sitting on the beach looking calmly in blue water and visioning tomorrow. There will be no one to interfere with the thoughts and have to platter to other people’s needs.

If you are tripping solo, visit Xoxo Tours now and find a travel buddy!