Top 10 Must-Visit Cities for Solo Travelers in the World

Travel Like a Local!

Traveling with a friend seems like the perfect holiday treat although there are some drawbacks. The choice of destination varies from person to person; while you might love to mingle with local people, your friend might feel like being in a solitary place. Moreover, there is the prevalent issue of scheduling and funding, and who knows, you might feel like having some “me-time” after all?

Let’s have a look at the top ten places that you can consider traveling solo with a traveling app –

1.Paris, France — Paris has its signature charm with Eiffel Tower while the Louvre Art Museum just adds to the charm being the world’s largest museum of art. Marvel at the Gargoyles and buttresses of Notre-Dame de Paris or walk through the gilded apartments of Versailles Palace which is famous for the fountain show and the Hall of Mirrors. Jardin du Luxembourg, Disneyland, Moulin Rouge, Les Invalides, Pantheon, and Grand Palais are some other attractions from the long list.

2.Morocco, North Africa — For women solo travelers and photographers especially, Morocco is a whole new world with a vibrant landscape, labyrinthine medinas, and the blue colored buildings blending with the sky. Visit Fez to learn about the tannery business and watch it firsthand from a balcony or take a ride on the Rif Mountains to have a birds-eye view.

3.Ladakh, India — Flanked by the Himalayas, Ladakh is secured by Military force and hence, is safe for any solo traveler. Take a bike or a jeep and set out to explore the Moonland, the cold deserts of Nubra, the highest motorable Khardung La Pass or the highest saltwater Pangong Lake. Traveler’s social network can be expanded with the vibrant festivals held at the monasteries.

4.Buffalo, New York — A safe night-life with local singles sharing their experiences till the breaking dawn, Buffalo is among the safest and coolest cities for traveling solo. Sit back on the Canalside Park or walk through the stone-arch bridges overlooking the lakes at Delaware Park. Seek for history at the Museum of Science, History Museum or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex.

5.Queenstown, New Zealand — The Wakatipu lakeside Queenstown is a treat for solo travelers, especially women and adventure geeks who have an inclination towards skiing, bungee jumping, parasailing, and rafting. Horse-riding through lush hills of Paradise and sighting dolphins, penguins and seals from Milford Sound are your treats.

6.London, UK — London is undoubtedly among the most mentioned places in the traveling app. From enlightened London Eye or Tower Bridge over the Thames to the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey to St Paul’s Cathedral –the list is endless. Enjoy the solitary walk in the Regent’s Park or take in the skyline view from the Primrose Hill. Have some local food at Broadway Market and then check out the British Museum and Natural History Museum.

7.Bali, Indonesia — If tranquility and spirituality were defined for a place, Bali would have definitely made to the list with a number of spa houses, yoga centers, and meditation rooms. From far-stretched clean white sands kissed by limpid water to misty mountains flanked by verdant forestry and the famous Monkey Forest–Bali has it all for a safe solo traveling.

8.Alaska, USA — Solo travelers can lose themselves in the kingdom of ice with thick snow-swathed mountains, glaciers of all sizes and the fjords carved by those glaciers. Take a cruise on the blue unfathomable ocean where glacier particles float aimlessly, sight the elusive polar bear, gulls, seals, and sea lions and even a whale, with a bit of luck during migrating seasons.

9.Bangkok, Thailand — A traveler’s social network can be utilized fully with a visit to Bangkok where people from all paths of life from all countries gather. Enjoy sipping local drinks or champagne with a local or a tourist and then hop onto the tuk-tuk to explore the vibrant markets that are teeming with life even during wee hours. Explore lush forests or enjoy sunbathing on the pristine beaches –the choice is yours.

10.Belgium, Europe — Belgium has more than 150 breweries making around 650 varieties of beers. Bike rental spots are located in close vicinity, rent one and ride through the wide bike paths to visit one brewery after another. The significant choices are Gueuze-Lambic at Brussels and high-fermented (6, 8 and 10) beers at Rochefort and Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy Abbey.

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