Sites or Apps to Use When Vacationing Alone

Use Below Sites To Spice Up Your Solo Trip

Travel is an abstemious excitement, especially when one is traveling alone. This is because we can change the itinerary at the spur of the moment and go for a gondola ride or meet locals and join in the celebrations taking place there. How do we start when we are vacationing alone? There are specific travel sites, gregarious dating site, and a whole range of aesthetic apps that you can use to find interesting travel destinations and get vacationing packages. Here are some cogent sites that could prove interesting:

Xoxo Tours

This is one of the sites that prove traveling solo is exciting. You can get a lot of information about your destination from locals As well as other travelers with who you can connect on XT. You can meet travelers and travel with them.


This is a site to meet other travelers and even find a travel partner. One can join in the trip that others have started and this will most interesting because you can join the biggest group so you are safe always. If you find a travel companion you could split costs with him or her because this facility is possible when you use this website. Also, get the safety gear and backpack tools if you plan a long hike or camping trip.

Travel Companion Exchange

This is a site that allows you to post your trip — what kind of trip it will be and where you plan to travel. Others are able to view your profile and your trip and join in if they want to. You can also view other people’s profile and join in their trips. Use this free travel dating site to form ideas of your trip. This is a good way to find a good destination or join with other groups of travelers.

Global Greeter Network

The first thing to do is to get the apps to help the traveler and you can do so with your own Greeter Network in any city of your choosing. The non-profit organization Global Greeter Network supports the Greeter Network. One has to fill in a form and they will match your destination and find interesting things to do. You could also find a trip partner if you want. There are many walking tours that last for 3–4 hours and no money is needed for anything but you must buy your own food and drinks.

Travel Sisters

There are many women travelers who wonder if there are sites exclusively for them. Yes, Travel Sisters is for women alone and you can use the travel girls app to check destinations or a female travel companion. You can find places using Maps and check the tours before making plans.


This is for the female traveler who wants a good destination. It is possible to find the ideal female companion by going through the profiles on the website.

Trip Giraffe

Here is a site that lists a complete list of sites, names of travelers, likes, and dislikes of users. You need to register to use this travel dating website but you will find the best destinations here because everyone will be headed that way. Keep things stocked for a long hike because a vacation on your own is great when you have enough to eat, all the tools, and gizmos for camping or hiking.


This is an app made for the intrepid traveler. List your trip and the app will make suggestions of things to do, destinations, and a trip mate also.

Facebook Groups for Travelers

This is a safe and dependable place to find a good trip. Here is the list of traveler groups:

  • The Solo Female Traveler Network
  • Girls LOVE Travel
  • Women Travel — GoWonder
  • Adventure and Travel Mates
  • Better Together Events & Travel

This is solely for the solo traveler but there are trip together sites also where you can find a trip friend or join a group of solo travelers. You can get connected through your phone so you get updates from your group about the trip.

There are many locals who date travelers and it is possible to find them using the travel dating app so you can hook up when you reach your specific destination.

Do visit & use social travel site — Xoxo Tours to chat with solo travelers around the world!

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