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Hookup culture is fairly common in today's world. While we do endorse the idea of true love, we also believe that you must always get to know a person before you can explore the lane! If your idea is to engage in casual dating then Cougar India is the best place where you can find a free hookup.

Cougar hookup sites have a special motive! Have you ever imagined yourself dating a hot and mature woman? If the answer is a YES, you would also know that it becomes difficult to answer the society's concerns. A younger man dating an older woman is considered to be a taboo in Indian society. That's too bad because love can happen anywhere and with anyone.

If you are looking for the best free dating websites, Cougar is here to diminish the boundaries and the age gap.

Younger is HOTTER

A dissatisfied housewife may be tired of seeing the same face every single day. She looks at younger boys and gets naughty thoughts in her head. Is that wrong? We do not think so! Our belief is that both a woman and a man deserve to fulfill their sexual desires.

If you fancy dating a younger man, then you can register on Cougar and meet some real catches! The good news is that they are also looking for female travel companion. Don't feel inferior because a married or mature woman is considered to be sexy for a younger man! You can meet locals on this hookup site and set a date.

Going beyond AGE FACTOR

This is a free world and we are free to choose whoever we wish to give our heart to! Whether you are finding your soul mate or just looking for a one-night-stand, age should not be criteria. There are people, who get married with a 10 year and even 20 year age gap.

It is possible that a 40-year-old woman gels with a 25-year-old man. There are 45-year-old men who get married to 25-year-olds. Does that mean that the two people do not love each other? It is much more acceptable in the American and European society but the Indian society needs to grow up.

Finding love and a hookup for free

We are offering an out of the world experience for the men and women. We have no judgmental thoughts regarding sex or dating a younger woman or man. You have a full charge as to how you wish to lead your life!

We do not charge a penny for the services! It is just a platform for you to meet mature women and younger men. In this greedy world, everybody charges a fortune to give the opportunity to meet people.

On this hookup site, you can register for free and find someone, who is not as conservative as the rest of the society.

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