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Free dating app for disabled singles
No more social exclusion from the dating scene - introducing disabled dating app

Remember the famous Hrithik Roshan movie with an alien in it? He was mentally challenged and his mother would discourage him that he is not normal and should probably forget the idea of love. Even today, you would find people making a mockery of disabled people for not being 'normal'. Why do we wear a judgmental and stereotypical lens that a disabled person may never find love?

Why should 'normal' people have all the fun? Our hearts are filled with love, expectations and even we have sexual needs. Isn't that so? We speak for the disabled girls and boys! That's precisely why we have introduced a Disabled Dating App. If you cannot walk, don't have to worry because you can find love through your mobile!

Love for all

We offer free online dating for all! Majority of the people will find it bizarre but we think it is absolutely FANTASTIC! Read this to change your mindset -

"Please understand that I have a disability and not a disease. You can't catch it. I may walk, talk, and move differently than you do, but on the inside, I'm not different."

Atta, boy!

A disabled person has as much right to fall in love like any other person in this world. Their body part may not move as fast as YOURS but the heart beats at the same rate.

A fun and easy-to-use application designed for you

The dating app is specially designed for disabled singles. Whether you are divorced, single or even looking for friendship, there's always room for you on this application. The 100 percent free dating website has one aim in their mind. All this world needs is a bit more love and that's precisely why a free dating website will play cupid!

In the online world, everyone wears a mask. When you log into Facebook, people put up a fake profile to attract the opposite sex. On this platform, we encourage disabled girls and boys to portray their true self. They do not have to use a fake identity or even put a model's picture to get attention. This is a real and spectacular dating experience available on your mobile phone.

We offer a transparent and inclusive environment for everyone with a heart and a pure soul. Come and join our European dating site because there is a lot of love, fun and exciting hookups waiting for you!

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