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"You are a disabled girl. Can you have sex?"

"Have you ever fallen in love? I was just wondering what you are disabled and I feel pity for you."

We live in a shallow world where everyone seems to have an opinion but nobody wants to change. We are all human beings and our hearts work pretty much the same way. Disabled girls may have some physical inability but they are like any other girl in the world. They want to be loved, cared for, go on romantic dates and even have sex! Their heart and sexual organs are working JUST fine and there is no need to judge a person on the basis of their disability.

We believe that online dating should be open for all! Whether it is disabled girls and boys, eunuchs, lesbians, gays or even an older woman in her 80s - everyone has the right to DATE and meet people.

Welcome to Disabled Dating India where we do not wear a judgmental lens.

Your playground for meeting disabled yet attractive girls

We have met some amazing women who are disabled but are full of life. The dating website has listed thousands of gorgeous ladies, who are disabled yet have the prettiest face and a lovely soul. This should be your playground to meet girls because they are spectacular in a number of ways.

Have you ever seen a mermaid? We have imagined her to be a gorgeous half-fish and half-woman. Any guy would love to date a mermaid! However, she cannot walk with her fish-tail and still men find a mermaid desirable. Similarly, a disabled girl may have some physical shortcomings but she is still desirable in many ways.

Your key to finding love and a great hookup

You may be looking for some fun or something which goes beyond a mere hookup. Whatever your intention or dating goal is, you will find some interesting women here, who share similar interests. This will be the most fruitful dating experience for you because Disabled Dating India has listed verified profiles.

We all know that the dating scene for handicaps is not as pleasant! We wanted to change that because our belief is that everyone deserves to be loved and to have fun. We offer free online dating which means you do not have to worry about where to meet girls. People buy expensive to train and plane tickets to bump into the perfect girl but this site is meant for all those disabled people, who want to have the best dating experience. Don't just look at them as disabled girls. Think of it as an opportunity to find the real deal called true love!

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