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Are you a picky eater? That's not relevant but one question is hovering in our mind. Are you a picky dater? Now that holds a lot of importance because fitness has become a prerequisite in the dating scene. Everyone wishes to date someone with extreme fitness level. The world may call it 'shallow' but there is no harm in desiring a fit girl or a man for dating purpose. You want someone who is physically attractive!

In this big world, it is not hard to find someone who fits the bill but not every girl would be FIT for you. We all have different interests, likings and our dating aspirations are different too. Some women are looking for fun and some are looking for a serious affair. Similarly, a man may have different interests and dating goals. The good news is that there is a fit Indian Dating Site which has launched JUST FOR YOU!

We play CUPID in your life and help you to meet single and fit girls and boys who have similar interests and dating goals.

Physical traits do matter

In this world, everyone is looking for someone who is appealing both physically and mentally. While some people say that looks and physical attributes are not important in love, we do believe that fitness is important for many people out there.

If you ask a girl about her 'ideal' man, she would make a checklist which includes the following:

  • Tall
  • Handsome
  • Strong
  • Muscular
  • Macho Man
  • Fit
  • Blessed/Gifted (You know what we mean, right?)

When we ask a man about their idea of a 'perfect girl', they make a checklist of the following:

  • Good height
  • Slim
  • Good assets
  • Great hair

Everyone looks at the physical characteristics because they DO matter. You meet a girl or a boy and instantly fall for the way they look and present themselves. This fit Indian dating site is for all those who are tired of fake dating sites trying to lure them. They try to fool you with fake pictures and in reality, the whole story is different. Dinner and drinks or protein shakes and HOT workouts?

This is not an escort portal and you will get to meet real, HOT and interesting people. Dinner and alcoholic drinks have become a thing of the past. How about working out together? Nothing like a good run together or bonding over some protein shake or freshly pressed juices? When you have similar interests, the thing gets interesting and you no longer enjoy binging on alcohol.

What is YOUR idea of a romantic date? A candlelight dinner is so OLD-SCHOOL! How about going for a swim session together? You can even go hiking in the mountains and steal a kiss. Finding a like-minded man or meet women is POSSIBLE on this dating portal. Yes, you get to meet fit single girls and boys who are looking for fun conversations and sleepless nights. Are you up for all that and more? Sign up TODAY and be a part of the most exciting fit Indian dating site, mate!

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