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All good things come with a price tag. No, my friend! Friendship, love, and sex CAN come for free. Well, most people pay for it but the attraction is a completely different thing. It just requires effort! We are talking about the effort that you have to make to join Casual Dating India. Yes, joining this hookup site is free of cost.

Casual Dating India offers free online dating for those, who are craving for some loving and a sexual connection. In Indian society, sex is still a taboo and casual dating is not looked at with a positive lens. While we live in this orthodox Indian society, it does not mean that we follow all the rules and regulations.

What's in store for you?

You can get a free hookup, make new friends and even finding a soul mate is a possibility. Majority of the sites set a price for getting a membership! They have set a price for finding love and even making new friends (with benefits).

You can save some money and time by registering on our platform. There are thousands of local singles waiting to get hooked. Most of the members are open-minded and it is possible that the girl/boy you choose will be interested in the same thing as you. It could be sex, sports, PubG or even watching Game of Thrones.

How would we ever find a soul mate without exploring the world? This platform gives you the opportunity to explore and find someone who makes your heart dance and sing.

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Casual Dating India believes in 'no strings attached' but it is still a possibility that you may like someone after few dates. You might even end up with the person forever! However, this platform is for all those, who want no drama of being together for seven lives.

When love has to happen, it will but you cannot force it down the throat.

Most of the sites make you fill a long form which can be irksome. However, this platform is easy to join and it would be fairly simple to find an attractive female or male. The nation is big and finding a free hookup may be difficult because not everyone talks about sex openly.

Registering on this website is easy! It takes a few simple steps to register. Just give us your name, city, date of birth, email address, sex, and you are good to go! We do not ask your private details like your address or Aadhar Card.

Once you disclose your details to other members, then it is your responsibility. We would only hope that you stay protected from the mean world. While the service is free, we only expect our members to behave properly with the girls and boys on this platform. That's our only condition!

So, don't think too much as you will be secure on this platform. Join today and meet thousands of interesting girls and boys! If casual dating is on your mind, this hookup app is going to help you find someone!

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