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As we grow up, we all look forward to have a friend, in fact, more than a friend with whom some quality time can be spent. The friendship need not necessarily be a physical one, but more of an emotional support is also desired by most of us! There are certain things that cannot be shared anymore with siblings or parents after a certain age, and that's when, the need to have a partner is the most!

Indian society a hindrance!

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Only those who have suffered one can know what the pain of a break-up is! You literally lose a part of your life, and your life is so precious! Losing a single bit of it matters for your career and your future. Thus, play safe with us, the best dating website in India, where you have a lot of choice to make, and you hardly end up with a wrong choice! It's a 100% free website for girls!

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With our online dating website, you create your own account and make it interesting before you actually show up as a photo! You also have several photos of other individuals trying to find singles in India out here! Our un-rivaled customer support makes the going easy for you from the word go! So, here you go!

Mix with the community and start making friends in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida! You can send cards and get a few too! Once you are through, send friend requests followed by chatting. Our website gives you the unique proposition to go for video chatting, thus letting each other know more closely and authentically! This is definitely enough before you can pick up the right choice of your partner! But, just compare it to the real life and see how much flexibility in terms of making a choice you can enjoy out here!

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Unlike any other Indian friendship site, here we give you the option to look for partners of the same sex! This simply means that we respect all types of human beings, their desires and likings. Unlike the society, you won't be a taboo out here if you are a man looking for another man, or a girl in search of Indian women in Chennai, Kanpur and Kolkata! We value the personal likes and desires, and are the first kind of website to offer you such freedom in India! Therein lies our specialty! Our USP being that, a lot many numbers of youths are just flocking into our Indian dating site every hour! So what are you sticking up to? Are you still in the dilemma-"Should I or shouldn't I?" Well, there's really no harm in trying it out at least once! And if you do not like it, you are always free to leave! In fact, you are not paying up anything as such! So, why not take a plunge in and test it yourself, buddy!

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