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Life is too short of monotony and you must add some spice to it by meeting new people. God created billions of human beings for a special reason! Sometimes, your past relationships do not work because God wants to make way for a new and promising one.

It is time to welcome the Flirty Friend Finder in your life. iFlirt is a platform where you can meet people and find a free hookup.

The Indian dating site has all the ingredients for being the top place to meet hot singles and get flirty. Although the whole idea is to indulge in healthy flirting.

Flirting is an art

We believe that flirting is an art. Our job ends by helping you to meet new and interesting people, but it is your job to put your flirt cap on and impress a lady or hot hunk out there. Since people have different choices, wavelengths and preferences, we endorse the fact that YOU should be making the move and finding the right person to go out with.

You can meet local singles on this platform but we do not control who finds you interesting. Don't be too sad! We will give you some dating tips to get the attention of the nicest girl or hunk on the platform. JUST BE YOURSELF! Women or men do not like people who have to put on a fake accent or lashes to impress the opposite sex. This is one such Travel Dating App where you have the freedom to be yourself. That's what the opposite sex would appreciate!

What's in it for you?

You may have one question hovering your mind and that is - What type of a relationship you want? This platform is meant for everyone who has a goal of finding a serious relationship or just a casual hookup. It completely depends on two people! There have been times when people found true love on the platform but it is strictly the choice of two consenting adults.

When love has to happen, it will happen and nobody will have to force it down the throat. As two consenting adults, you can go out, explore the world and even each other. What happens behind the sheets is strictly your choice.

You can even find a trip buddy on this platform. There are plenty of men and women out there, who are looking for travel partners or someone who would be up for an adventure.

Are you up for the adventure? A little tip from us would be to relax and let life surprise you! Have fun because life is short and take the right steps when it is much-needed. Till then, enjoy the benefits of the platform and enjoy iFlirt - the local dating site.

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