End-to-End Encryption Status: Early 2020

Your chat, audio, video, images passwords etc. is 100% encrypted. Xoxo Tour's end-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even Xoxo Tours.

GDPR Compliant Status: Mid 2020

Xoxo Tours is committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will go into effect May 25, 2018. Learn more at privacy policy and safety tips.

100% Verified Profiles Status: Partially Integrated

We at Xoxo Tours try our best to make sure that each & every profile is manually reviewed but even if we fail to do some cases, our system automatically confirms that all users at least have a verified email, verified mobile number and a clear photo.

Privacy Controls Status: Partially Integrated

We gave full authority to all of our users over their privacy. It's quite easy to hide your profile and/or trips from search engines along with other easy on-off functions for controlling visibility of date of birth, name, photos.

Fraud & Spam Control Status: Partially Integrated

We at Xoxo Tours have zero tolerance for spammy and fraud users. After 3 genuine reports our mechanism automatic detect and bans those users from our platform. If you see someone unethically wandering at Xoxo Tours, just let us know - our team will take a action, as needed.

No Escorts Allowed Status: Monitoring and Working

Xoxo Tours a authentic travel dating web app and certainly NOT an escort service platform. We are strictly against escorts hence not allowed and have zero tolerance for the same. We created this platform form travel-enthusiasts who love to travel the global, explore people, places, cuisine and culture and we're doing that sincerely and have no second thought about it.

Easy Delete / Deactivate Facility Status: Integrated

We understand, pleasing everyone is not an easy job though we try by offering quality services free (at a possible extent) and by charging you, but sometimes it happens that some users are not satisfied and in this case we give full authority to those users to keep their profile on platform by either easy 2 step deletion or temporarily deactivation, unlike others who make it tough for their users and don't let their user to let go. Love is about let them going if they want.

No Ads Status: Integrated

Been there, felt that! Xoxo Tours is Ads-proof!

You are Not a Product Status: Integrated

Our user are invaluable assets for us and we respect them and heir data seriously, For us, you're an important part of business but a not the product itself. The website takes privacy seriously and never sells personal information without your consent. Even more We do not share your contact information with registered user until your permission.